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  • 85-87 rue Du Faubourg Saint Martin Passage du Désir
  • Paris 75010
  • France
  • Phone: (+33) 01 56 41 35 00
  • Fax: (+33) 01 56 41 35 01

RATP - "Rome" - BETC Paris

  • Rome
  • RATP
  • RATP
  • BETC Paris
  • France
  • Life Line 2
Product CategoryPublic Transport, Mass Transit
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJune 3, 2002
Media TypeOutdoor / Out of Home
Awards Epica Awards, 2002 (Winner) for Transport & Tourism
Top Com Consumer, 2002 (Gold) for Advertising Campaign: Outdoor
Creative Director Rémi Babinet
Creative Director Antoine Barthuel
Creative Director Daniel Fohr
Art Director Patrick Samot
Art Director Mathieu Nevians
Art Director Sandrine Estrade
Art Director Carole Ser
Copywriter Patrice Dumas
Copywriter Sandra Michel
Copywriter Jérôme Agerlich
Account Manager Muriel Fagnoni
Account Manager Arnaud Richard
Account Manager Jean-Michel Almeida
Account Manager Malvina Crétal
Photographer Sébastien Meunier
Advertising Manager Vincent Relave
Advertising Manager Françoise Bellané
Advertising Manager Caroline Baddour
Advertising Manager Nadine Nemecek
On Track Together


The Rome metro station could only mean one thing: spaghetti, of course.


The names of metro stations around Paris are associated with poetic visuals that integrate the dot-and-line symbolic of the Paris metro map. These images invite us to discover the diverse faces of the city of Paris and those who inhabit it.