Press Releases - SapientRazorfish Europe - SapientRazorfish Europe Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2018 SapientNitro Launching in Browser VR Easter Game Tomorrow Following their SpeakEmoji app for Christmas, SapientNitro are releasing a fun Easter game that demonstrates VR in a browser, for mobile and desktop. It’s an interactive virtual reality game that re-interprets the traditional Easter egg hunt -

In the game, players look around a virtual 360 environment, set inside SapientNitro’s London office at Eden House, and tilt their phones to catch silver eggs. Comprised of six levels, as players move through each level they move up a floor in SapientNitro’s offices. For each silver egg collected, the player wins more time to complete the level, however catching a red egg means game over.

In addition to this, SapientNitro are launching a competition - post a screen shot of your score page to Twitter for a chance to win an Easter surprise, using the hashtag #SNEggHunt. A winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday March 29th.

The game is set to launch tomorrow on Thursday 24th 

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Have a Totes Emoji Christmas with SapientNitro’s SpeakEmoji World-First Voice-to-Emoji Translator App Launched for iPhone and Android Thursday 17th December – London, UK - Want to be besties with your kids this Christmas? Help is at hand in the form of SpeakEmoji.

As a way to round off the year in which emojis took over the world and became Britain’s fastest growing language, SapientNitro is today launching SpeakEmoji to help parents and relatives break through the kids’ smartphone trance by speaking to them in their own language - emoji - and in doing so, make Christmas the meaningful family time it’s supposed to be.

SpeakEmoji translates grown-up speak into cool emoji messages to help adults engage with their festive little ‘digital natives’. If kids won’t come to Christmas, maybe we can take Christmas to the kids.



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Available on iOS, Android and web, SpeakEmoji is the world’s first voice-to-emoji translator. Users simply tap the microphone icon to activate. They then speak into their smartphone and their words are translated and represented on-screen in a series of emojis. The user then has the option to share the simple emoji phrase via Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, SMS or email. Upon receipt of the emoji phrase, the recipient can either reply in emoji, or (if they are unable to decipher the message) translate the emoji phrase to text.

Mark Hunter, Executive Creative Director at SapientNitro, said: “Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate many times in the past, and with the rapid rise of emojis we’re seeing it again. In the blink of an eye we’ve gone from DIY emoticons to thousands of fully animated faces and symbols at our fingertips.

Indeed, what we’re witnessing is the birth of a new, universal language. And what could be more perfectly suited for our digital age than that?! To celebrate what will undoubtedly go down as the year of the emoji, we created SpeakEmoji, a voice-to-emoji translator that ensures it’s not just teenagers having all the fun. Now even those of us who’ve yet to master the art of quickly locating the perfect emoji on the keyboard can join the conversation.”

SpeakEmoji iOS App Store Link:


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