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  • Top 25 Cannes contenders reflect new partnerships, increased collaboration driving the industry..
    on 15 June 2017
  • Jusqu’où les marques vont-elles aller pour s’installer dans la vie quotidienne des consommateurs ?
    Mark Tungate
    by Mark Tungate on  8 June 2017
  • How far will brands go to insert themselves into consumers’ daily lives?
    Mark Tungate
    by Mark Tungate on  7 June 2017
  • Recently, Verizon announced its newest acquisition, Yahoo, would be merged into its existing AOL unit. At first, Verizon seemed to indicate ...
    on  5 June 2017
  • Just about every partner company in the ad-marketing industry has faced the conundrum of pitching an account without having category experience....
    on  5 June 2017

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