In 1949, three enterprising gentlemen, Bill Bernbach, Ned Doyle and
Maxwell Dane gave the advertising industry a wake-up call. They introduced a new approach to marketing that relied on insight into human nature, respect for the consumer, and the power of creativity. In short, they said: Let's stop talking at people and let's start conversations that lead to action.

This heritage is a unique strength that continually tells us who we are, what we believe and how we should behave. It inspires us to continually challenge standard convention. From Bill Bernbach to Keith Reinhard to the present generation of DDB leaders, we are continuing the revolution. 

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Our founder, Bill Bernbach, once said “Creativity is the most powerful force in business,” and this philosophy underpins everything we do. DDB started over 70 years ago, and immediately changed the very notion of how creativity can help our clients with the work created for VW and the Beetle, to date one of the most iconic campaigns ever created in advertising. 

Bill Bernbach revolutionized the way advertising was done, centered on that very simple commitment to creativity. That spirit of innovation never stopped. And sure, we’re part of one of the world’s largest creative networks, but ultimately, we are a tight-knit team of people who believe in working in agile and collaborative ways. 

At DDB, our philosophy is - Unexpected Works. We believe truly creative ideas are inherently unexpected; they're the ideas you never saw coming, the insights that truly surprise you, the approaches that go counter to the category. We call that the ”'Unexpected', and it's what we strive for on every brief, every client, because we know that's the work that truly works for our clients. It's proven, across categories, across markets, and over time. Unexpected work drives growth. Unexpected work transforms businesses. Unexpected, Works.

Not only do we know creativity and innovation, but we also know what success looks like. We have helped clients like Kroger, AT&T, VW, Mars, Unilever, State Farm, and J&J create growth through future-forward marketing solutions and best-in-class creative ideas. 

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Adrienne Marcino

Adrienne Marcino

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Elaine Purcell

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