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For three years, The Voice has been responsible for designing and building ArisGlobal’s booth property for the DIA trade show event. The booth brakes the traditional (and antiquated) trade show Scaffold-and-Skin display in favor of filling two large projection screens with content-rich videos and motion graphics; an LED ball that could be seen throughout the cavernous Washington D.C. Convention Center; and traffic-driving promotions, such as a photo station for free professional headshots.

The 15-foot high LED ball helped ArisGlobal own the sky. The changing content on the ball featured various motion graphics clips that promoted various solutions, contest winners and other content.

The Voice is happy to have helped ArisGlobal in promoting the progression of wellness and life science though the unity of health and technology.

2015-06-30 14:15:28
You Can’t Be Prepared For Everything While driving to my first day at The Voice just three days ago, I wondered what the day would be like. I tried to think up all the possible things they could expect of me, hoping that it would be within the realm of what I have learned in my last two years of college. I felt confident in my range abilities, still riding on the high after receiving straight A’s just a few weeks earlier. It is safe to say that I am a perfectionist, the type of student that will read the textbook twice just to be sure that there will be no surprises on the exam. Over-preparing is my specialty, my seemingly fool-proof method for success. I now admit that it was about time for me to get a reality check, one that was about to take place that day.

I was welcomed to The Voice by Matt, whose kind words and interest in what I wanted to get out of this reassured me that this internship was right for me. I happily rattled off my prepared list of skills I hoped to improve upon at my time here. Writing, because it is crucial to my Public Relations Major, and Graphic Design, a field that I have taken a great deal of interest in since I started college. I also explained that I was looking forward to the experience of being part of a real working team, and was prepared to work on whatever was needed. I soon learned that “prepared” was far from what I was…

Ready? Yes, but not prepared. My next small assignment would throw the word “prepared” right out of my vocabulary, maybe forever.

The job was simple, to go online and find some lights that would illuminate a sign that would hang from the ceiling in a trade show. I very quickly learned I had absolutely zero knowledge on lights. The vast selection of shapes, sizes, prices, and types of light overwhelmed me.

After hours of searching, I was able to narrow it down to a few different types of lights that could work. Then came the specifics, after showing my ideas to one of the men that would be assembling the trade show booth. I communicated with many different lighting companies, and Home Depot to learn about the different types of lighting and lighting angles. It’s arguable that I now understand lighting better than I understand Public Relations. Believe it or not, I have come to find that learning about trade show lights was not time wasted. I was given an assignment that I was unprepared for, and had to learn on the job. In three days, one of my greatest fears about this internship turned into my greatest accomplishment.

Finding the perfect lights made me feel prouder than I do walking out of a test where I knew all the answers. I found that I will not always be prepared for what lies ahead, a crucial lesson we will all discover at some point. I am curious to see what other unexpected life lessons I will receive during my time here at The Voice!

2015-06-30 13:39:00
Why you need a Mission Statement on the Front Door KitchenbrainsnewletterwebLast week our client, Kitchen Brains, organized the QPM University – a week-long learning program. The company celebrated its 45th anniversary with the introduction of their new SaaS apps. For the occasion, Kitchen Brains wanted to show their loyal clients their appreciation and decided to invite them to their headquarters in Stratford, Connecticut. Here, clients – among of which was Yum! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell) – were given instructions to work with Kitchen Brains’ Quality Production Management (QPM) software and products.

The event gave Kitchen Brains the opportunity to strengthen their existing relationships and to remind their clients how dedicated they are to successfully implementing their product into their clients restaurants, and why they are the right partners in business. To reinforce this message into the heads of their clients, Kitchen Brains wanted to highlight their Mission Statement – a great tool to define the focus and motivation of the company.

The Voice helped refocus this often-overlooked asset and created a wall-mounted display to imprint this message in the minds of the Kitchen Brain’s client. With Kitchen Brains successfully reconnecting with its faithful customers, we would like to take a moment to remind you why your company should have an excellent mission statement!

Over and over scientific articles show that companies with a mission statement perform significantly better. These companies:

1. Connect better with their customers [1]

2. Have improved employee behavior and motivation [2]

3. Hold an outstanding tool for managers assert better leadership [3].

Yet over the years the strength of the mission statement has seemed to be watered down. Mistaking vague and idealistic messages for a mission statement has become the norm and the statements, which are subsequently pushed back to a subpage of the about us section on a website.

Rather than hiding this vital piece of communication, it should actually be promoted internally and outside of each company. The Economist lists three main benefits why you should have a mission statement and why it is important to display your mission statement for everyone to see it.

1. “They help companies to focus their strategy by defining some boundaries within which to operate.”

2. “They define the dimensions along which an organization’s performance is to be measured and judged.”

3. “They suggest standards for individual ethical behavior.”

An article by the New York Times on personal mission statements highlights why they are so important. “By creating a mission statement people can begin to identify the underlying causes of behaviors, as well as what truly motivates them to make changes. “A mission statement becomes the North Star for people,” says Dr. Groppel. “It becomes how you make decisions, how you lead, and how you create boundaries.”

Although creating a mission statement for every individual employee might go a bit too far, there is definitely some wisdom in this. A mission statement can inspire your employees by giving them a sense of direction. It also gives managers something to hold on to when making critical company-changing decisions or when they feel their company is moving off track from its original goals.

However, let’s continue on this individual level for a second. Imagine interviewing two applicants for a marketing position at your firm. Both applicants have similar credentials and seem equally motivated.

You ask them: “What is your mission?”

The first of the applicant’s answers: “I believe that my passion will help me in providing the best work for your company and allow me to excel in the field of marketing.”

The second applicant responds: “By using techniques from my fields of expertise – data analyses and direct marketing. I want to attract new clients from industries relevant to your product.”

You see? The first applicant answered the question with a virtually meaningless statement. The second applicant clearly stated his capabilities and goals, making him a more desirable employee. Defining your mission statement can help your business environment easily understand what your company does and why it is attractive to do business with you.

It is especially important for new and small businesses to adopt a mission statement. According to, these companies are constantly searching for new customers, but are also in the process of constantly redefining and realizing their business goals.

As Time magazine explains it: “It can give you a framework for evaluating opportunities and deciding whether they fit your core business model and strategy. It can help you define your business and establish your brand, and it can help your employees focus their efforts and suggest ideas that fit with what you’re trying to do.”

A mission statement is something that you want to shout off the rooftops, because it defines what your company wants – it’s your dream – and that is something to be proud of.

Do you want to know more about the importance of mission statement or what makes an excellent mission statement? Just read one of the articles below or contact The Voice at

· VIDEO: How To Write Your Mission Statement

· Developing Effective Mission and Vision Statements

· NY Times: Creating a New Mission Statement

· The Economist: Mission statement

· The Entrepreneur: Richard Branson on Crafting Your Mission Statement

· Forbes: Answer 4 Questions to Get a Great Mission Statement

2015-06-30 12:28:11
Shine a Light on Business Opportunities with LED LED Light Board

Led Lights by Pixomar, Published on 29 October 2009

LED, or light emitting diode, is a newer mode of lighting. An LED is easily identified by the smaller collection lights, seen as just dots, that make up the display light itself. LEDs are very bright, and are rising into popularity in advertising due to their stunning imagery and flexibility for a variety of uses.

LED can be used far beyond a flat, static sign and billboard. LED has been used in fabrics and clothing, benches, and uniquely shaped objects. The potential for LED is limitless, with the only restriction being a person’s creativity. It’s flexible and easy to change, too: an LED billboard can be edited and updated instantly and endlessly. The ability to have direct contact with consumers compels the consumer to steer their attention to the advertisement faster and more effectively than they would with a conventional sign.

Social responsibility: LED lighting has a low power consumption that is beneficial to the environment. This reduced power consumption is also cost effective, a benefit not found in traditional lighting solutions. Traditional lighting would also require costly color filters to emit the required color, which is not needed for LED lights. LEDs emit more light and are brighter than traditional lighting solutions: they give off very little heat, making them safer to use with virtually no threat of causing any damage. If the lights are old and are reaching the end of their long life, the light will have a slow fade instead of an instant burn out. There is better control with LED lights than with incandescent light sources. LEDs are difficult to damage with external shock, unlike fragile dated lighting. They can also be used indoors and outdoors, can be waterproof, and can be flexible in being bent without damage to the light.

LED_throwiesBest are the graphics. The ability to customize content at a whim is an important application of LED. You’re not restricted to a simple, rectangular sign: LED signage comes in all shapes and sizes and can be easily adapted to fit the most unorthodox use.

One of The Voice’s clients, ArisGlobal, recently took part in the Drug Information Association’s annual trade show in Washington D.C. There, ArisGlobal adopted LED technology to showcase their work and customer benefits. A 3-foot LED sphere was suspended above their tradeshow booth, projecting both pre-made content and messages that were updated throughout the show. Using this technology informed those in attendance immediately of what ArisGlobal’s offerings: thought leadership in life sciences, networking, photos, contests and, most importantly, free water and espresso.

Taking part in the rise of using LED in advertising will help businesses reach their customers more effectively and faster. Having appealing and well-designed content displayed over an LED medium is equally as important as the utilization of the technology itself. A poorly executed advertisement will deter customers no matter the way the message is displayed.

The Voice and our strategic partner Corporate Display Specialties are happy to have helped ArisGlobal promote the progression of wellness and life sciences though the unity of health and technology through LED.

2015-06-30 12:26:25
The Voice Apprentices Finish Program as New Interns Arrive The Voice’s Spring 2015 interns are graduating from our apprenticeship program. During their time this semester, Cassie Fercodini (Fairfield University), Haley Tanella and Ray Corriea (Sacred Heart University) worked alongside the team at The Voice to learn the ins & outs of advertising.

Haley is a rising senior at Sacred Heart University, studying communications with a concentration in public relations. “I’ve learned a lot this semester,” said Tanella. “I’m glad that I had the opportunity to work at The Voice and I am grateful for the knowledge I have acquired.” Haley helped with many projects, ranging from e-mail marketing to copywriting, and social media marketing for some of The Voice’s clients.

Ray is graduating from SHU with a degree in media studies with a concentration in film and television production. Ray excelled at shooting and editing promotional videos for The Voice. As he is approx. four feet tall, his footage provided a unique view on the world — what came to be called “The RayCam”.
“I enjoyed working more on the production side and creating the video,” said Corriea. “It was also great to have the experience to work for a fully operating advertising agency.”

The Voice, Interns, Cassie Fercodini, Ray Corriea, Sam Nipius

Back to Front: First-to-arrive summer intern Sam joins graduates Haley and Ray.

This summer, The Voice welcomes a team of new interns for the season, including international students, such as Sam Nipius from The Netherlands. “I hope to find a specialization,” said Nipius, “I’ve done various types of marketing, but with so many different forms, I’m hoping to find what fits me best.” Four more interns will join Sam this summer. To keep updated on their experience in advertising, check out Voices of The Voice at

Interested in becoming an Intern at The Voice? We’re now accepting applicants for Fall, 2015. Visit

2015-05-28 16:20:59
The Voice Apprentices Finish Program as New Interns Arrive The Voice’s Spring 2015 interns are graduating from our apprenticeship program. During their time this semester, Cassie Fercodini (Fairfield University), Haley Tanella and Ray Corriea (Sacred Heart University) worked alongside the team at The Voice to learn the ins & outs of advertising.

Haley is a rising senior at Sacred Heart University, studying communications with a concentration in public relations. “I’ve learned a lot this semester,” said Tanella. “I’m glad that I had the opportunity to work at The Voice and I am grateful for the knowledge I have acquired.” Haley helped with many projects, ranging from e-mail marketing to copywriting, and social media marketing for some of The Voice’s clients.

Ray is graduating from SHU with a degree in media studies with a concentration in film and television production. Ray excelled at shooting and editing promotional videos for The Voice. As he is approx. four feet tall, his footage provided a unique view on the world — what came to be called “The RayCam”.
“I enjoyed working more on the production side and creating the video,” said Corriea. “It was also great to have the experience to work for a fully operating advertising agency.”

The Voice, Interns, Cassie Fercodini, Ray Corriea, Sam Nipius
Back to Front: First-to-arrive summer intern Sam joins graduates Haley and Ray.

This summer, The Voice welcomes a team of new interns for the season, including international students, such as Sam Nipius from The Netherlands. “I hope to find a specialization,” said Nipius, “I’ve done various types of marketing, but with so many different forms, I’m hoping to find what fits me best.” Four more interns will join Sam this summer. To keep updated on their experience in advertising, check out Voices of The Voice at

Interested in becoming an Intern at The Voice? We’re now accepting applicants for Fall, 2015. Visit

2015-05-15 15:35:46
An Ending of the Last Week As I say farewell to five months of working at the Voice Advertising Agency, it’s time to move on to the next step in life, and that’s the real world. I am ready to continue my passion with film-making for the future, and have an exciting adventure ahead of me. At my last day here at the Voice, I spent the entire time working on a trailer to somehow put together a montage of what went on throughout the semester, and how great it is to work at the Voice. I took clips from my video projects, Tony’s video projects, and photographs, and put together a one-minute trailer to showcase the advertising agency. In addition, I briefly spent time making sure all of the blogs I wrote were written by me (to make it say, “By Ray Corriea” instead of “By The Interns”). It’s been a pleasure working here, and once again, I look forward for the future.

2015-05-12 16:40:20
A Little Bit of Work This week has been a busy week for me since I was preparing for my final weeks in college, so that was my main priority. I was only able to come on Friday to continue with what I left off with last week. I took the camcorder and watched a small video tutorial on how to have the projector screen working. It’s easy with unedited videos, but to have edited videos on there was going to be a difficult task for me to accomplish, also to have it project outside in the day time was just no way.

So, Matt sent me an email about an Annual Award Show for the Connecticut Art Directors Club, and he wanted to get a couple of videos submitted. Seven videos with their respective images (screen-shots/captures) were chosen, and ready to go. One day of work this week was very easy.

2015-05-01 15:03:24
What’s What? Not that much done for this week at the Voice. I just put all of my video work onto the right server, and upload the Levine Huntley commercials on YouTube (as well as putting it in the server). Honestly, with my last few weeks of college happening, and upcoming events that I’m part of, my balance between work and school has been interfering with each other. So hopefully within the last few weeks, my progress won’t continue to slow down.

2015-04-24 16:10:23
What have the interns learned? 644587_10151223496628092_1544684248_nI’m really fortunate to have spent my spring semester at The Voice! During my time here I was able to learn a lot about the world of advertising that I wouldn’t have known without my time here! I was able to learn a lot in both the creative aspects of advertising as well as the business and account side. I was able to work hands on wither different departments at The Voice and worked on projects ranging from email marketing to copywriting and social media marketing. I learned so much from the team here at The Voice and I know my time here is definitely going to help me in the future!


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.26.36 PMHere at The Voice I have learned that advertising is not has easy as it looks. There are a lot of steps that need to be completed before the piece is perfect. Advertising is not just one simple piece of paper it’s a combination of multiple videos, images, emails, etc. Next time you stop and scream at your television because there is a commercial on, take a second and remember it probably took months to put that 10 second commercial together. I am grateful for my opportunity I have had at The Voice.


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.26.49 PMSince January 20th 2015, my experiences at the Voice have further increased my desires to be in the filmmaking business. Throughout the semester, I took charge of camera and post-production duties every time a new project was in the works. My main priorities at the Voice included film projects, collaborations with other interns and/or co-workers, and searching for the right kind of music for important advertisements. Often I would film short segments by myself, or with Matthew Hallock about the Ad House, history of advertising, and other important topics that are relatable. This experience has been keeping me busy for a couple of months, and it really gave me the real world experience while completing my senior year of college. Most importantly, I was able to maintain my desire for filmmaking by keeping a critical eye onto detail, and what can be used (extra video footage, pictures from Google, and/or voice-overs, etc.) in the final versions of each project. In addition, I’ve done some research in order to find out more about the history of advertising (through magazines, and the Internet), and made sure nothing was left undone. Working at the Voice is another step for me in the future.


2015-04-21 15:28:35
The Projects Go On and On Another week when I came in three times and focused on a continuing process. My main tasks were to take the videos (Tom Thumb, Barnum Wall, the Kitchen, Breathe Easy, and Burma-Shave) and upload them to any social media site they don’t appear on. I basically took all of these videos and made sure they were complete before moving to the promotional stage. Also, I took the Barnum Wall and Tom Thumb video, and made a one minute version for each as Matt decided to have quick promotions/history lessons for viewers to watch.

Alongside these tasks, I had to convert Levine Huntley commercials from VHS to DVD. Since the converter didn’t want to do the job, I was sent to Milford Photo, and have professionals do it. This happened on Tuesday, and then on Friday, I drove back to pick it up, and it was a success.

2015-04-17 16:58:42
The Projects Go On My main focus for this week was to add different kinds of music for a Kitchen Brains video. There were a couple of different versions of the ad, but specific genres had to be placed in order to sync in well with the video, and the voice-over. That was basically it for this week.

2015-04-10 16:44:47
Project 4 Complete With my first three days as a part-time worker, of course my main focus was on the General Tom Thumb video. I came three times this week due to Easter break at my school, so I was able to take some time with decisions on the video. On Tuesday, I went into the audio booth and recorded a few more voice-overs in order to expand my opinion on the little people of the world. Also, I discovered that P.T. Barnum is buried in the same cemetery as Thumb, so I drove there myself, filmed the two tombstones, and did more commentary about the latter. Once that was finished, the only thing left was to piece together these new additions and place them alongside the old additions. Thursday and Friday was spent completing the video, which it finally was on Friday.

In addition, I was asked to take some videos that Tony made, and add music to it. One video (for Kitchen Brains) had three different selections while four versions of the same video (for Avalara) had an their own, individual track.

2015-04-03 16:24:01
The General Tom Thumb Project This entry is specifically for the last three days of being an intern, and eventually heading to become a part-time worker of this company for the rest of the school semester. Even though I missed last Fridays due to snow (ironically on the first day of Spring), I missed a specific blog entry for last week. Last Tuesday on March 17th, Matt and myself began the video project for Tom Thumb (a.k.a. project 4). The two of us, as well as fellow interns Haley and Cassie, went to the cemetery across the street and visited the grave of General Tom Thumb. Matt spoke a little bit about him, and made me stand in the front of the grave due to the fact that General Thumb and myself are both dwarfs. Piecing together that footage with extra photos from Google was a piece of cake. The following week I made several new edits by rearranging the first edit, and adding a few more clips from last month. Those clips had Matt filming me talking about famous celebrity dwarfs and how I felt about it. Matt thought it would be a good idea to include me in the video, but I initially thought there wasn’t enough footage so far, but after discovering that clip from last month, there was enough to make a two minute version (so far). Because of this, I typed a number of important highlights that are associated with General Thumb and printed it out for future filming (hopefully).

2015-03-27 16:10:01
Email Infographic Here’s an infographic to help understand “Why Email Split Testing is Essential for Profitability.” Don’t forget to keep those campaigns consistent and your testing simple!



2015-03-26 13:33:16
Projects 3 & 4…so far Not that much contribution for this week. I was basically taking projects 1 & 2 (The Barnum Wall & The Ad House Kitchen) and bringing them to, and the History of Ads website. Also, with Final Cut Pro added to my MacBook pro, I no longer have to use iMovie.

Project 3 was the Burma-Shave ad that was going to be sixty seconds or less. I took the footage from a few weeks ago, shortened the intro and outro, and added photos of the product that was explained by Matt. I was careful when editing it, but the whole thing took less than a hour to complete. Once uploading it to Dropbox and sending the link, it was officially complete. Project 4 on the other hand is in process. Since project 1 was about P.T. Barnum, Matt had the idea of doing a separate video project on General Tom Thumb, a famous dwarf. In addition, he found out that his final resting place is just down the street from the Ad House, which gave us the idea of visiting the cemetery once filming officially begins. Project 4 will overall be the same as projects 1 & 2.

2015-03-13 16:37:28
Projects 1 & 2…Complete Within an accomplishment or two, two videos to begin ‘The Ad House’ series had made their way to completion. Taking the footage from Tuesday or last week, and additional photos taken from that day, and last Friday, I made two separate videos of Matt giving visual tours of the kitchen and the Barnum wall. Each episode had to be ten minutes or less, so the kitchen video was narrowed down between three-four minutes, and the Barnum wall was shortened to around nine minutes. In addition, the intro created on Adobe Premiere was added at the beginning and end of both segments; thus creating a mini-episode of both videos. Looking at final results really made it reality TV-like. Lastly, both were uploaded to Dropbox, and they’re ready to go for many people to see.

2015-03-06 19:43:40
Finally Reaching the Starting Point This week was finally at the point where filming a promotional video for the Voice kicked in. While finishing the intro, Matt and myself began filming around the house. Basically I took his little, Sony HD (dubbed the “Raycam”) and followed him around the kitchen, and the main office while he was giving a little tour, and giving out details about P.T. Barnum. Once uploading the footage, I then went around the house taking snapshots of the posters on the wall, objects in the kitchen such as the tin cans, and the shelf in the far corner. In addition, I also took snapshots of the house from the outside. That purpose was to avoid sudden cuts from being seen. I also selected a couple of photos on Google.

The first cut ran twelve minutes and nine seconds long with a few sound effects added in, photos from Google, photos from the Voice website, and many transitions between photos and footage. I mainly focused on taking out bits of dialogue, detaching the audio from the video, and making sure both are in sync with each other when it came to inserting photos and transitions in between.

2015-02-27 16:32:23
Setting Up the Project It’s finally at that stage where I get to concentrate on the editing process without struggling (most of the time). Using Adobe Premiere for the first time since around 2011, I compiled footage from a few videos that were already made by Tony, added a couple transitions in order to give that “reality-TV” feel, and tried some other editing techniques. All that’s left is to add new footage that’s going to be filmed next week, and the everything will in place for the intro.

2015-02-20 16:23:13
The Progress Continues The week wasn’t that much productive for me; despite doing two different types of work. Tuesday, I was away from my job in the production department, and helped out in the department of checking update information about a number of clients and companies associated with ‘The Voice’. Never knew that digging deeper for correct details would take all day (and it doesn’t finish). Friday I continued the video project, and approached the editing process. It looks like this segment of the project is going to take a while when it comes compiling the right footage.

2015-02-20 13:38:33
The Progress Begins Third week interning at The Voice is spent on the promotional video project. I continue working on it by coming up with more ideas in general, and outline ideas in order to keep what I have in mind for an intro, a format, and an outro. By thinking creatively, the idea was to make something different than the videos that are already posted on the website, and YouTube channel.

When I had every idea scattered, but typed onto paper, a short meeting with Matt and Rachel was scheduled for Friday at 10:00am. Of course, I was preparing to explain everything that was provided on paper, and give as much detail as possible. Afterwards, once the two gave me a vision of what they wanted, which was reality-television show-based, I immediately had to work my brain with a format, and an outline. Also, Matt gave me the length for each segment, as well as the entire video, which will be set around ten minutes. So far, my job is to work on the video formats, and set up an outline based on the instructions and opinions from Matt and Rachel.

2015-02-20 13:38:22
A Beginning of the First Week Within the first month of 2015, it was about to be the beginning of another journey. Accepted as an intern at the Voice Advertising Agency, the first week basically became a learning experience and a tutorial of how this company works. On the first day, my job as a videographer was to learn about the standards, and know who my fellow interns are. The standards included leads, interests, records, and contacts. While I already knew those specific elements of advertising, I got to know others such as qualified leads, iContact (in terms of email and other contact information in general). Taking those kind of notes was an important task to do. I now know how the first day usually goes. At the beginning of the first week, it becomes a learning progression, and then it grows from there. Lastly, I was given a bunch of magazines to look at and find certain articles that caught my interest. Of course I didn’t read every single article, but the ones that included stories about movie directors, and elements of film such as cinematography, editing, and screenwriting.

On the second day, my job as a videographer was to continue what I did last time, which was to read a few more articles, but that happened to a lesser extent. My first task was to visit and search for a number of photos of a business man (of any occupation) standing by a window, or sitting at a desk looking at a tablet in his hand. Requested by Matt, Rachel, and Neil, I was already familiar with the website as I’ve previously searched for iStock photos for my college magazine. Choosing certain selections wasn’t that difficult, which resulted in three-eight photos. Even if it was a quick task, I only read a few more articles, and organized them on the table.

Even with the first two days being a learning experience, it was worth knowing what to do and what every person in this company does before diving straight in. My role as a videographer will be a real learning experience once that officially begins.

-Ray Corriea

2015-02-20 13:38:05
Can You Buy Our Vote? Absolutely! RockTheVote_The-VoiceFor the right amount of money, we’ll do pretty much anything you ask us to do…. video production, online solutions (websites, web apps, eMarketing, etc.) and “traditional” advertising services, such as campaigns, layout, graphic design and copywriting.

We believe that anybody can make something of themselves in America… but it doesn’t come cheap. We run a lean operation at The Voice, which means your precious marketing dollars go further.

But while many companies come to us because of price, they stay because of our creative. Organizations such as CA (Computer Associates), IBM, Vision Solutions, Emerson, ArisGlobal, Kitchen Brains and other mid-cap and global firms think the world of us.

We are based in beautiful Fairfield, CT, about an hour outside NYC, part of the tri-state region. We have our own building with an in-house video production studio, apartments for interns-in-residence and more.

We also have a rich website at if you’d like to scope us out. To engage, please write or call (203) 296-2800.

And remember, vote early and often to have The Voice on your team!

2014-11-04 12:03:18
Go The Extra Mile Not one advertising agency is perfect. In this one article, there are 10 other articles that will help any business owner improve and enhance their work environment.

One of the articles that really stuck out to me was self promoting your agency. That is a big aspect of having a business. The outside may think that self promotion would be the easiest part due to the fact that agencies promote for other business. Wrong.

The task is always second due to client’s priorities coming first. There is always too much to do or too little time to consider ideas. However, there are ways to promote your agency without thinking you are.

Keeping your clients happy is just one way to promote your business. If you keep your clients happy, then they tell their partners and you get more business just from word of mouth.

To get more helpful tips you can check out the full article here:

2014-10-08 10:31:18
Work Hard, Play Hard Imagine not being able to work overtime because of the simple fact that your desk disappears after work hours. This is what happens at a design studio in Amsterdam everyday.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.05.02 AM

This looks like a typical design studio, right? Wrong.

After 6 pm, these tables and chairs are hauled away and the floor is turned into yoga studio, dance studio, or anything else the the creative director wants it to be. She believes that in doing this, it would be easier to work there and it would not make people as stressed to come to work.

From watching this video, you can see the employees enjoy relaxation time once the work day is over. Wouldn’t it be nice to work there or what?

Check out the full article here:

2014-10-02 11:12:51
Get To Know More About Joe! My name is Joe Wool and I am currently a Junior marketing major at Quinnipiac University. At Quinnipiac I am a member of the 3+1 accelerated Master’s program and a member of the Golf Club. I am originally from an area just outside of Poughkeepsie, NY. Through my education I have decided that my goal is to obtain a career in advertising and this is where my internship at The Voice comes into play.

intern headshot0I heard about the internship opportunity through my school and the career development department there. I was interested in The Voice because it presented me with a way to get hands on experience in the industry. I want to learn all aspects of advertising from the creative division to the more corporate side. I plan to take the knowledge I gain at The Voice and apply it to my future career path where it can help me achieve my goals.

2014-09-22 19:36:32
ASG Video Shoot

Today, Joe and I were apart of a live video production for ASG. At first I was not sure what to expect but I was very excited for a new experience.

First Dan set up all of the cameras, equipment and lighting to create the perfect setting for this shoot.IMG_5164

After all of that was set, it was time to start filming. I worked the teleprompter during two different videos. There were three different angles produced for each video. While filming was going on, Joe took pictures and videos of the process as he observed the scene. It was awesome to have first hand experience on a video like this because I was able to see all the hard work, practicing, and the end result of finally getting everything right.


2014-09-19 16:33:47
There are New Interns At The Voice! My name is Danielle Garcia and I am a senior Business Management major at Quinnipiac University. I am 21 years old from New Jersey. I enjoy photography and traveling as well as meeting new people and inventing new ideas.
I hope to learn more about the advertising agency and gain real life experiences. I want to broaden my horizons in the business world and learn about working with real clients. I plan to use everything that I learn at The Voice to help me throughout the rest of my education and in my future career.


2014-09-12 16:41:51
Our Art Director Mostly dealing with 3D animation and graphics, Tony Russello is the art director for The Voice. Joining The Voice team only in December 2013 after graduating from The University of Connecticut, Tony has shown tremendous skills and talent in this field. From making websites to designing post cards, Tony can make any idea come to life.

I asked Tony what his favorite part about working with The Voice was and he said, “Getting the opportunity to work with major clients was cool. Also, exceeding clients expectations is amazing”.

Tony’s passion and drive for graphics is just what The Voice needs and we are glad to have him on our team!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 6.40.37 PM

2014-09-03 20:43:09
Another Year, Another Voice The Voice has been chosen over other competitors as Kitchen Brain’s advertising agency of record for the next year! The Voice has worked with Kitchen Brains before and now they have awarded us with a contract. The Voice has proved itself to Kitchen Brains through commitment and excellence.

Over the next twelve months, The Voice will be responsible for making a new website, corporate branding and video production services. In addition to those tasks, they will also be responsible for their trade show management, program management, their marketing department services and graphic design. We are thrilled to have this opportunity and excited for the future.

2014-09-03 18:30:53
All Aboard the USS Glacier! The Voice Advertising Agency is filming and editing a video of a model of the USS Glacier that was originally built in August of 1954. Launched initially for the US Navy and later used by the Coast Guard, the USS Glacier was used as an icebreaker in addition to research voyages to Antarctica. Active from 1954 to 1987, the USS Glacier was a part of three separate operations. Unfortunately, it was scrapped in 2012.


However, a model of this historic boat was built and it rests in Stratford, CT with The Glacier Society.


The Glacier Society is a non-profit educational foundation that focuses on preserving history of America’s polar explorations in honor of the USS Glacier and all that served in the north and south poles operations.


The Voice has the honor of filming this boat inside and out to capture the real beauty the boat had.

The-Voice USS Glacier

Voice cameraman/director Dan Randmer supervised the lighting, filming and photography. The piece should be completed in a few weeks.

2014-08-27 11:52:08
Newest Sales Representative! The Voice has a new member of the inside sales team! Paul, our new representative, has many duties while working for The Voice. Paul’s main objective is bringing in new business through different marketing campaigns. These duties include building relationships with potential clients through mail, e-mail and directly in person. With 17 years of sales experience, Paul is the perfect candidate for the job!


The founder of The Voice, Matthew Hallock says, “With a voice like Paul’s, he should be a professional voiceover artist”.

I asked Paul what was the one thing that he was looking forward to working for The Voice and his response was, “I’m looking forward to getting quality clients for the company”.

The Voice is very happy to have him as part of The Voice team!

2014-08-19 13:15:42
LED Ball Is your business looking to stand out?The-Voice LED Ball With this LED Ball, your company can illuminate the sky at any event! One meter long in diameter, the LED ball can be seen from a supermarket, concert, or any trade show very easily. The Voice can help any business set up this ball, and make the graphics or videos that will be displayed on it. It is easy to install and program as well! For more information on this amazing LED ball, click here.

2014-08-18 10:37:55
The New Intern! The new intern, Divjot Arora, is the computer programmer here at The Voice. His tasks include: updating The Voice website, writing code for different websites, and solving any problems that might come up with data and information. Being only a high school senior, Divjot has a wide variety of knowledge with many programs such as: Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, and Python.

photo 2

The senior account manager, Rachel, says, “Divjot is a genius at analyzing a problem and finding a solution”.

I asked Divjot what he thought of his internship so far and he said, “This internship is great because it allows me to gain problem solving skills that I can apply in future jobs. I enjoy being able to work on real world problems and create websites that will be used by others, something that I wouldn’t be able to do outside of here”.The Voice is glad to have such a passionate and eager intern on board.

2014-08-12 16:08:47
Big News! The Voice Advertising Agency has been selected as the #1 Ad Agency in Fairfield, CT for 2014.

The Fairfield Award Program selects local companies every year that over achieve in the field of marketing. After information that is gathered through research and is analyzed carefully, The Fairfield Award Program chooses the best in each category.

Being awarded this title for the second time in three years is an honor and The Voice will continue to grow in this field for years to come.Best of Fairfield Award

2014-08-12 09:47:05
Breakfast with the President Event information for: firm owners, C-level executives, and senior marketing personnel.

The CEO of The Voice, Matthew Hallock, will come to you with breakfast between 8 am and 9 am available every morning. With over thirty years of experience in the field of advertising, you can come to him or Matthew will come to you with knowledge and breakfast at hand. What’s better than free breakfast with free education?

Interested in having breakfast with the one and only Matthew Hallock? Click here for more info!


2014-08-06 12:11:41
Bauhaus: How One Short-Lived Design School Changed The World

Bauhaus was a school and modern design movement born in Germany after World War I, in 1919. It is hard to overstate its influence. It is one of the foundations of modernism, perhaps the 20tth century’s most pervasive and influential design movement.
Download the e-book chapter here: Bauhaus-the-voice
See the Bauhaus gallery on Flickr here:

2014-07-24 16:13:27
Rachel has been Promoted After two years of working at The Voice, Rachel Olivera has been promoted to Senior Account Manager! Rachel currently manages the account department at The Voice. In addition to this, she helps the creative team by administering her input on projects, program analysis, budget plans and focuses on the end result. Some of her duties include planning and execution of creative advertising, app development and event planning.

Rachel is the main client contact for The Voice’s three major clients. Rachel always supplies solutions to any problem that comes her way and her work is greatly appreciated by The Voice! Congratulations Rachel!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.10.42 AM

2014-07-21 11:50:22
A Toast to the End The interns finally graduated! After a 6-week intense intern program, the interns finally part ways to enjoy the rest of the summer until school rolls around again in the fall.

To celebrate this great accomplishment, The Voice all gathered together for a little party at the end of the day Wednesday afternoon. With sweet treats and refreshing juice, we all celebrated to commend the interns for their hard work that had been done.

With a toast to the end, as well as the beginning of everyone’s journey, we wish every intern luck in the next step of their career goals.

2014-07-14 11:03:52
Last Day Reflections Today, July 9th, marks the last day at our internship here at The Voice. Time has flow by over these past six weeks. The four of us have seen and done much more than we had anticipated, and we are not complaining! Each of us had different insights and takeaways from our experience here at The Voice and here they are…


My favorite part was… starting a project and seeing it being carried out to the end. We did the story board for The Voice’s new video- the one that involves taking a tour of a 3D animated version of the house and the work we do. It was awesome to see our ideas come to life.

What I thought was most interesting was… the “Lunch & Learn.” Learning about the history of advertising and all the trends like Art Nouveau!

I had no idea… how difficult it really is to be in a creative brainstorm session. It’s not a linear process where everything can be done at the end of a meeting or even a work day.

My biggest takeaway was… figuring out how to master programs like WordPress for blogging and website design and the responsibilities of keeping everything updated.

I would tell a future intern… starting out in a small agency like The Voice has it’s advantages. I think I had more hands on responsibilities and made more of a difference here than what I would have done in a big agency- where most likely I would have only been getting people coffee.


My favorite part was…learning how to figure out with my intern team. We became very close professionally and personally.

What I thought was most interesting was…learning how to maintain and design a website.

I had no idea…the amount of work it takes to put into a video. It takes a lot of preparation, time and effort to perfect a project like a production video.

My biggest takeaway was…learning to work with co-workers in a professional environment. You will work with many types of people in your life and

I would tell a future intern…to start searching for an internship early. Internship positions are very competitive.


My favorite part was… Seeing how a company, like The Voice, promotes and markets itself. Even though The Voice it an advertising agency it is still important to promote and advertise themselves just like an business would.

What I thought was most interesting was… How important contacts were! It is important to save and organize your contacts because you never know when or how you will need them.

I had no idea… How much brainstorming and time goes into a client pitch! A pitch itself might only be a half hour conversation with the client but it is hours, days, maybe even weeks of preparing that goes into it.

My biggest takeaway was… Proper communication between the account personal and the client is crucial. If there is a lack of/miscommunication between the agency and the client, well then there is no longer a client!

I would tell a future intern… It’s never to early to get an internship!


My favorite part was…being able to build lifelong relationships with my peers and the professionals in the field of advertising.

What I thought was most interesting was… all of the tools and knowledge needed to run and work in a successful advertising firm.

I had no idea… about how complex the inner workings of an advertising agency is on a daily basis.

My biggest takeaway was… was being able to work alongside the art director and others to learn hands on skills and knowledge that I would not have learned elsewhere.

I would tell a future intern… Just keep swimming.

2014-07-09 15:19:01
Like A Girl Whether the advertisement comes up on Youtube or Buzzfeed, P&G’s campaign for “Like A Girl” is going viral. As times change, more and more companies are promoting being a strong woman. In the “Always” commercial, the ad reinforces that the phrase “Like A Girl” is offensive. On top of the concept, this is great marketing for their company. It would make woman want to buy their products because they are supporting equality of genders. Check out the video for yourself and tell us what your opinion is:

On top of this, Pantene is getting on board with their own Shine Strong ad campaign. This campaign also shows how woman can be strong and to stop using the word “sorry” when it is not necessary. Woman should not have to apologize for something they did not do. Watch the video and you will see the concept they are aiming for:

Ultimately, one can not disagree with these campaigns for the simple idea of equality. What are your ideas about this marketing?

2014-07-08 15:05:53
Women Redefining How Companies Should Target Lately there have been a lot more trends and viral videos about gender equality. These videos show that it is around 10 years old and on when this gender gap starts to happen and being a woman has other implication. For example at that age being called bossy makes girls not want to strive to be leaders. These videos are not only about redefining stereotypes but also about stopping companies, advertisers and marketers to use these stereotypes to target or appeal to women. Segmenting and targeting has a giant effect on all parts of business: product, price, packaging, and promotion.

For example, Lego came out with Lego Friends, targeting girls. As a result they changed the packaging and the product in general. The girl Lego figures are a complete different size and some pieces are not compliant with the regular sets. In addition, the sets have the girls “cooking” or “hanging out with friends at a café” while the boy sets have the figures going on awesome adventures. Even a 7 year old girl wrote a letter to the Lego Company asking them to

“make more Lego girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun ok!?! Thank you.”


“Children haven’t change. But the adults who market them have.”

If advertisers and marketers take the first step to stop using these stereotypes to segment woman then there can be a ripple effect and create a real difference.

Join us and take the pledge to BAN BOSSY

2014-07-07 15:09:44
From Scratch to Finish The interns are very honored to be a part of a big promotional video for The Voice from start to finish. We were put to the test to come up with a multitude of ideas to promote The Voice. This included other methods of promotion and researching other ad agencies. We created a storyboard that depicted our competitive advantage- our ad house.

Our 3D animator, Tony, created the visual that we presented to him. It was cool to see our ideas become reality. We saw how it was to work as a team from creatives, to accounts, to production managers.

After two weeks, our video was rolled out to our social media accounts and to our new home page of our website.

Feel free to check out the video here!

2014-07-02 14:02:42
Billboards for the Better Here in the Northeast, billboard ads are normally high up in places nobody can reach without an extended ladder or just a plain, flat sign on the side of the road. However, in Slovakia, graphic designers are coming up with a different plan in order to give purpose to billboard ads.

A design firm in Slovakia wants to give a new meaning to billboard ads. Named “The Gregory Project”, they want to make billboard spaces into small apartments where the homeless could live. A small example would be this billboard ad:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.52.44 AM

These ad spaces would include a bathroom, a kitchen, a bed and storage space all in these “homes”. There would already be wired electricity throughout the house due to the light that brightens the ad on the outside. This would be a great opportunity to advertise for a business and provide for the less fortunate at the same time. What do you think of this project? You can read more about this project here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.53.24 AM

2014-07-01 11:10:05
A Different Approach “Almost Identical: an Experiment by Beldent” takes a different approach to advertising gum. It focuses the personal associations/feelings with chewing gum in general. By putting identical twins right next to each other but having only one of them chew gum, 73% favored those twins who chewed gum, of the 481 people who participated in the experiment.

Videos like these are great because it makes me feel like I’m not being advertised to. These kinds of videos focus on more than the product like brand image/affiliation, core values, being part of a community. By the end of it I’m like:

“Wow, that was so interesting/entertaining/funny/emotional” that I don’t even care that you’re trying to shove this product down my throat but I applaud your sense of creativity and next time I’m at the store and see your product, I’ll actually think about getting it.”

Some ways of accomplishing this result is advertising through social experiments, art installations, and emotional connections- Like the P&G Mom campaign or Budweiser’s Super bowl “Puppy Love”

2014-06-30 13:42:27
80 Minutes of Typography Truth


As a design student, one of the most important tools we have to use as a design element is typography. This tool is used world wide, it defines brands and shapes some of the most drab designs into something that will never be forgotten. Typography as we commonly know it today started with the complex movable type presses that used metal letter forms , this originated with Gutenburg’s printing press. Without this innovation of the printing press the need for hand scribed type was no longer needed, and allowed for a plethora of possibilities.

As many designers know there are classifications of typography that have changed popularity and use throughout the years since they have been designed. Some of the most common type classifications are: Old style, Transitional, Modern, Egyptian (Slab Serif), and Sans Serif. Then from those classifications it goes into differently designed typefaces, and then further down into different type families, such as Condensed, Bold, Italics, and many more.

Though there is one typeface I would like to take a moment to really point out and recommend taking notice of it. This typeface is Helvetica. Helvetica currently one of the most commonly seen typefaces out there. There is even a documentary named after it, and this documentary is a must see for any aspiring designer. Helvetica is an ageless typefaces that can be seen on some of the signage you see every day. So take some time watch Helvetica, and be amazed at how important typography is to great design.

2014-06-26 15:01:02
Hook, Line & Sinker Lately I have been doing quite a bit of research on inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a bit like fishing; companies are the fisherman, and the potential customers are the fish. The company must do certain things to draw the attention of customers and brings them in, kind of like bait in fishing. This type of marketing puts the emphasis on bring potential customers in rather than going out of the way to get their attention.

Once the company has the customers’ attention, they must then try to reel them in, just like fishing. The best way for companies to do this is to gather information about their customers. At the very least, companies must gather the email addresses from their viewer. This will not allows your company to have a record of your viewers and potential customers and in return the viewer must receive some sort of service or else they will not likely give you information like their email address. Similar to fishing, the fish receives a tasty treat, which is the bait, but is now hooked.

The last part of fishing for customers is to convert them into actual customers, or successfully catch the fish. This stage is almost like the waiting game for companies. The customer has received a free service or tool from the company and now it is up to the customer to act upon it. It might not be right away, but that is okay. The customers are already hooked because of the free services and the emails, and eventually some of them will be caught and turned into real customers.

Once the fish is caught though, you need to keep on fishing! Inbound marketing can always be used and should be analyzed for continuous improvement, because there are plenty of fish in the sea.

2014-06-25 15:32:01
Lights, Camera, Action! Today was an exciting day at The Voice! I was a part of a live production video filmed for The Voice.


The Interns set up The Ad House and made sure everything was squared away. After this, the fun started. Our account/creative fellow Dan made sure all the equipment was ready to shoot and set up all the cameras accordingly.


Before we knew it, we were shooting and learning techniques on how to perfect your production. A funny skill that was shown to us by our boss, Matthew, was to repeat the words “peaches and cream” in order to look like you were saying something. In actuality, we were just saying “peaches and cream”


After making sure we got the right footage, it was a wrap! It was such a learning experience and I can’t wait to do it again!


2014-06-24 13:58:01
BIG Data: Put Your Analytical Skills to the Test We are in the digital age. Everything you do ends up in a Server Farm (a collection of computer servers usually maintained by an enterprise to accomplish server needs far beyond the capability of one machine). Companies out there know your web browsing patterns, mobile device location, and shopping habits. Even Snapchat see all your pictures.

The quote bellow is taken directly from Snapchat’s Terms of Use

“We collect information you provide directly to us…including photos or videos taken via our Services (“Snaps”) … The types of information we may collect include your username, password, email address, phone number, age and any other information you choose to provide.”

Have you heard about the Target scandal when Target found out a teen girl was pregnant before her father did?

This is the price we pay to get awesome benefits though. Nothing is ever free. CVS knows what and when I buy things, but I get coupons! Snapchat and Facebook pretty much own all the stuff I post, but I post anyways because I get to stay connected with my friends. I get a personalized service.

Now companies have more data then they know what to do with. The hard part is how to use this data. Basically turning data into information and knowledge.

Data: Just the facts

Information: Facts presented in context to answer a deciding question

Knowledge: Insights from experience so stronger decisions can be made

The Simplest Example ever:

Data: The age of a Casino’s customers

Information: Knowing that a Casino’s top customers are elderly

Knowledge: Making the Casino elderly-friendly (lots of comfy chairs)

Great marketing depend on analytics and data mining. Marketers have to make connections, find patterns, view concepts from different perspectives, and find out what causes what.

Let’s put your analytical skills to the test. Can find the pattern and solve the puzzle?IMG_2665

2014-06-23 11:48:45
Propaganda, Advertising, and Art Propaganda is defined by the Webster Dictionary as, “the spreading of ideas, informations, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution , a cause or a person,”. There is also another part of the definition that includes the idea that propaganda is for the benefit of a single party, and damage or slander the opposing side of that party. The main purpose and use of propaganda is to persuade the viewer of the propaganda to go into one view that benefits the party that is setting out the propaganda. Sometimes there is counter propaganda, such is seen with election campaigns and was seen during World War Two, by both the Allies and the Axis powers. Propaganda can be as simple as to vote for someone, or to buy a product, it is meant to persuade and that is its main role as a form of information and slander.

Advertising is defined by the Webster Dictionary as, “the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcement,” this sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it? I mean, here advertising is “calling the attention” of something, isn’t that sort of what propaganda did too? To spread this information and call attention to it? But advertising is used on a more commercial level, it is used to sell consumer goods, and to sell things, but isn’t that essentially the same as propaganda, but in a more physical realm? Propaganda is selling ideas, whereas advertising is selling physical items or services. There isn’t much of a difference when you really think down on it, where ever you go you see ads, you see this constant bombardment of imagery that tells you to buy this item or that item or even to sell things to this business, isn’t that similar to the ideas of propaganda? Propaganda tells you to buy into this idea, to follow, or to sell yourself into a mentality or concept.

So where does art come into all of this? Art is the concrete that holds all of this together. Without the art, there would be none of the above, art is the foundation of most great advertising campaigns and even successful propaganda campaigns. Art is used today in advertising, as a constant aspect of it, even in newspapers, magazines, television, there is always a visual imagery that can be considered art in those ads. Then with propaganda, in WW2 and in the Cold War, with German and Soviet propaganda, there was almost always a visual element to the campaigns for pro communism and pro nazism.

All of these components meet in the common ground that without one or the other they can exist, but to be truly successful, there has to be a component of all of them in a singular unified format. Strong art, has a tone of something more to it or a persuasion to a certain aspect of life or how to live. Whereas advertising has the use of art and propaganda to make sure the consumers purchase specific products. Then propaganda is a sort of platform, that uses art and in a sense is parallel to advertising in the basic foundation: persuasion. In order to have a successful propaganda there is an element of persuasion that you see in advertising but also a visual element.

There is no question as to whether advertising, art and propaganda are at the same level, it just depends on how the creator uses these platforms to persuade of push the concept onto the viewer. The viewer is the final aspect of this connection, without them there would be no need for these platforms, because there would be no one to persuade or use the techniques of these various platforms to benefit or defile.

Click to view slideshow.

2014-06-19 14:48:54