A tailoring torture test

How a gentlemen’s outfitter created a PR buzz with a hot story

If the world is getting hotter, what are we supposed to wear to keep cool? “Wool” is not the answer that springs to mind. But wool actually “breathes” in warm climates, which is why menswear retailer M.J. Bale created a range of “cool wool” suits for summer conditions. To prove that the suits keep men sweat-free, the brand dressed British weatherman Alex Beresford in one of them and sent him on an expedition to the hottest places on earth. From Dubai’s desert to Death Valley, Alex chose his next destination based purely on how hot it was forecast to be. Needless to say, he remained impeccable. Meanwhile, the store’s customers could test the suits themselves in a specially-installed sauna. Global warming doesn’t mean you have to get hot under the collar.