When burgers meet blockbusters

How Burger King smuggled the Whopper into cinemas

Movie fans in Peru are now allowed to take their own food into the cinema. With one condition: it has to be the kind of food usually sold inside cinema complexes, so think popcorn, candy, ice-cream and, yes, more popcorn.
Burger King wanted in on the act, so it came up with a fun solution: King Popcorn, a giant popcorn pack that was actually a Whopper meal in disguise. There was a thin layer of popcorn on top of the container, but the real illicit goods were concealed beneath. So now there was something even better than sitting next to someone munching popcorn at the movies: sitting next to someone scarfing a giant burger! Hooray!
Perhaps fortunately for those who like their movies burger-odour free, the cinema owners spotted the ruse and put a stop to it. But not before the stunt had boosted Whopper sales and generated reams of earned media.