Scott Cullather on INVNT's Independence

by Sarah Cullen , Adforum
Scott Cullather
Founder, Global Managing Partner INVNT, New York

By Sarah Cullen

Last month INVNT founding partners, Scott Cullather and Kristina McCoobery purchased the agency back from former parent company Time Inc. As INVNT prepares to begin it’s next chapter as a once again independent agency, Founder and CEO of INVNT, Scott Cullather, took the time to answer a few questions about the reasons behind this decision and what the future holds for the agency.


AdForum: Congratulations on becoming an independent agency again.  What is next for INVNT?  

Scott Cullather: We are still committed to becoming the largest and best brand communications agency in the world.  We have always had the aspiration of becoming a globally recognized brand with INVNTrs and offices strategically located around the world.  Having our independence again will allow us to accelerate that goal.


AdForum: What were the main reasons that lead to INVNT choosing to become independent? 

Scott Cullather: We chose to become a part of the Time Inc family in 2015 because their leadership and CEO at the time, Joe Ripp, believed in the power of live events as a way to create new revenue streams.  Under the new leadership there is a change in direction with regards to the strategic relevance of live events.  As a result we didn’t realize the synergistic benefits that we had hoped for when we originally did the deal.

AdForum: What does this new independency mean for INVNT’s existing clients?

Scott Cullather: We are back as an independent agency, stronger than ever.  We have more financial stability than before we were acquired and have kept all of our high profile clients.  Now that we are independent again we will be able to truly live up to our ‘challenge everything’ mantra.  That means better creative and world class service at lower costs.


AdForum: What effect do you anticipate this move having on the company’s overall ‘challenge everything’ culture?

Scott Cullather: It will be incredibly refreshing to our team and beneficial to our business and clients.  Many people say, “If I could only go back to my twenties and relive that decade with the knowledge I have now…imagine how much better I would be.”  We truly have that opportunity to “reINVNT” - and that’s incredibly exciting.


Scott Cullather
Founder, Global Managing Partner INVNT, New York