Summer Fun: An Interview with Rick Chiorando, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Austin & Williams.

AdForum sits down with Austin & Williams' CEO and Chief Creative Officer Rick Chiorando to discuss the agency's Summer Fun Activities.

by Sarah Cullen , Adforum
Rick Chiorando
Chief Executive Officer Austin & Williams

By Sarah Cullen

AdForum: In recent years, your summer parties have been at some impressive locations from West Gilgo to The Hamptons.  What is the plan for 2017’s Summer Party?


Rick: Every year, Austin & Williams <> celebrates the summer with a daylong outing for all of our employees and their families.


Summer 2017 will see A&W literally casting our lines as we set sail on a fishing boat for a “three hour tour” in pursuit of bluefish off Montauk (on the Atlantic Ocean).  Living on Long Island, we’re surrounded by water, so beach and ocean culture is a big part of who we are. I’ve caught my fair share of big ones (fish, that is) – and I love to tell a fish tale or two as well!


AdForum: Austin & Williams regularly host events throughout the year.  Do you find that these events help to boost morale and increase creativity amongst employees?


Rick: The events are always an opportunity for the agency and their families to share some quality time together, blow off some steam and enjoy some healthy competition, like potato sack races and cook-off contests.


Without a doubt, an office that plays together works better together. Knowing each others’ habits and heartbreaks gets us more comfortable with each other. When you let your guard down, you let in more room for creativity. That helps us think through challenges as a stronger team and deliver better results for our clients.


AdForum: Austin & Williams’ summer parties are very family-oriented.  Why do you think involving the employee’s families is important?


Rick: We always keep in mind that we all have a life outside of work – spouses and children and extended families – and knowing them is also knowing our colleagues better.  Making everyone feel welcome is just who we are.


AdForum: Tell us a crazy story from one of Austin & Williams previous summer parties!


Rick: Sorry! What happens at A&W stays at A&W!

Rick Chiorando
Chief Executive Officer Austin & Williams