A Behind the Scenes Look at Boost Mobile’s New Multi-Media VR Campaign


A Behind the Scenes Look at Boost Mobile’s New Multi-Media VR Campaign 

Wireless lifestyle brand Boost Mobile recently tapped creative content company Chopshop to help reinvent their iconic “Where You At” tagline with the multi-media VR campaign, “We Are #WhereYouAt”.  In addition to creating a visually stunning, star-studded spot that captures the essence of Boost Mobile’s brand identity and contemporizes their well known past branding, Chopshop also broke down technological barriers in the process. They made a  behind the scenes look at the filming of the spot, featuring the president of Boost, Jim Hyde.


The spot features a trifecta of technology firsts in terms of 360, VR and video content. In partnership with VRPlayhouse, Chopshop placed 360 video directly in the web browser, cross platform and cross browser without the use of third party apps or plugins. They also programmed interactivity within the 360 video with media rich framed video layers that play instantly at the user’s click or tap. With this feature, users will be able to pause at 5 specific moments where they will find a handful of “hotspots” on key people and items within the street party. 

Through these, they will be able to explore 20 behind the scene videos showing the day on set through the eyes of 20 different performers. Lastly, they created a single online destination to serve desktop, tethered headset and mobile headset with the same high-quality interactive 360 video.

This spot was created to celebrate the unlimited world of Boost customers and their broad spectrum of passions. It was filmed with a single, continuous shot tracking over a full city block filled with over 250 people - including everyone from MMA fighter Rampage Jackson, to pro surfer Rob Machado, dubstep dancer Marquese Scott, YouTube sensation Christian Bright,  World Record rapper Murs, and America’s Best Dance Crew winner Chachi Gonzales – all sharing and celebrating their own unique passions. The entire piece was created using a cable cam that began close up on a young filmmaker, and ended on a live performance of rapper Scarface whose voice lends itself to the spot.

Chopshop’s work on this campaign does more than communicate Boost’s brand message of inclusion, it ushers in a new era of media creation and distribution. Combining traditional video, 360 video, and interactive playback was a production challenge, as these pipelines are not used to talking to one another. Creating this pipeline and managing this creative process is yet another innovation of this project, one that is significant as gaming and filmmaking continue to merge in the melting pot of VR.


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