Brunch Forum: NFL Ads, Tom Brady Cloned, Epica Awards, Advertising Week, Creative Silence, iPhone 6S & More

by James Thompson

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NFL Marketers Go Long with Advertising the 2015 Season

It’s official! With the New England Patriots win over the Pittsburg Steelers last night, the 2015 NFL season is underway – which means the fall advertising season is here, too. As the temperatures outside cool, the competition in advertising is heating up as brands, ad agencies and marketers implement their creative ideas and strategies for a new season of football – a sport that has become synonymous with the American experience. Check out this Ad Age article that breaks down what to expect in the coming months. 

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Gets Cloned in Under Armour Ad

Faced with the inexhaustible Deflategate controversy and fresh off of a ruling that reversed a four-game suspension for NFL star Tom Brady, last night Under Armour resolutely stood by its relationship with the future Hall of Fame quarterback. The ad, part of the brand’s “Rule Yourself” campaign, features hundreds of images of Brady working out at practice to drive home the message “You are the sum of all your training.” Read more at ESPN.  

Matthew McConaughey Does Matthew McConaughey in Lincoln Campaign

“Lincoln is launching a new series of digital and TV spots for the 2016 MKX crossover. Matthew McConaughey, for whom this will be the third Lincoln campaign, returns in several ads in settings that would look right for a coffee table book, on a coffee table in a house by James Speyer. Following up on a campaign earlier this year in which he appeared behind the wheel of the MKZ sedan, the actor is back on the road, but this time his presence doesn't come with his voiceover. And he isn't in a diner waiting for the rain to stop so he can drive with the moon roof rolled back, as he was in a one of two ads early this year for the mid-size sedan.” For more details, visit MediaPost

Silent Videos Become a Sign of the Times for Creatives

“For agency creatives, it’s starting to feel a lot like the 1920s again. Thanks to the adoption of autoplay video by Instagram and Facebook, videos play silently, unless you click on them to play sound. That has meant brands and publishers are trying hard to make those ads just as interesting without sound as they are with sound. For agency creatives, steeped in the art of sight, sound and motion, that’s provided a new creative challenge with just sight and motion.” Read more at DigiDay

Epica Awards Expands Influence in U.S. with Notable Judges and Categories

“It’s been around since 1987 and is judged by advertising experts from 42 countries, but the Epica Awards hasn't enjoyed the sort of U.S. exposure seen by the likes of Cannes, the Clios and The One Show. This year, the awards show hopes to expand its profile and position itself as ‘a legitimate and necessary alternative to other global creative competitions,’ said Mark Tungate, the organization's chief spokesman and editorial director, tasked with assembling an annual 400-page coffee table book about the show.” Read the full story at Adweek

MEC Sponsors Two Sessions at Advertising Week in New York City

“What’s the Business Case for Well-being in the Workplace?”

A focus on mindfulness and well-being in the workplace is becoming integral to employee engagement and thriving organizational cultures. Our employees expect more than just the “usual benefits” as they look for ways to recharge both body and mind. How are companies adopting these practices to drive true engagement while increasing productivity? Hear from influential business leaders & experts as they explore the latest trends and opportunities involving awareness and its innovative impact on business today. More

"Thriving in a Time of Disruption"

The convergence of digital media and technology have transformed the advertising and communications landscape in ways we could have never predicted. Industries such as entertainment, publishing, travel, & retail have been forced to quickly evolve and adapt to keep pace with consumer expectations. Hear from companies that have survived modern day disruption and are thriving like never before, leveraging digital tools and engagement strategies to deliver for their consumers, employees and the enterprise. More

Job of the Day: Project Managers at Droga5 in New York City

We are seeking a Project Manager to join our department. Reporting to the Head of Project Management, the Project Manager is responsible for leading work within the agency and managing the progression of assignments, owning communications and exercising project controls. The Project Manager must create and maintain project plans that demonstrate a cohesive understanding of deliverables, tasks, dependencies, staff resourcing and agency process. The Project Manager must assess project risks and communicate contingency plans to stakeholders. For more details, visit Droga5

Martian Man Matt Damon Creates Galactic Synergy with Under Armour

“Actor Matt Damon, who stars in director Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie ‘The Martian,’ works out in Under Armour in a teaser for the film ahead of its 2 October release. The video is the result of a collaboration between agency Droga5 and entertainment giant WME as the two looked for an opportunity that would benefit both of their respective clients.” For more details, visit TheDrum.

Agency of the Week

Mekanism creates advertising at the intersection of technology, design, culture and brand stories. We help brands build loyalty, authenticity and love. Mekanism boasts 80+ employees across two offices (San Francisco and New York) with key clients including Pepsi, Ben and Jerry’s, Jim Beam, Nordstrom Rack, The North Face, The White House and the NFL. Learn more about the creative culture and talented people at Mekanism by visiting their AdForum profile.

Because it is Friday and Apple's iPhone 6S has entered the marketplace, check out this ad featuring the devices new capabilities. 

(Bloody Mary photo courtesy of Anthony. Thank you! It looks delicious!) 

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