co:collective Marks Next Evolution by Appointing Jamie Hall to Managing Director

In a move that heralds the next evolution of its pioneering philosophy to transform the world’s boldest companies by identifying their higher purpose and bringing that to life through action, creative and strategic transformation company co:collective has promoted Jamie Hall to Managing Director of its Business + Brand practice. The Business + Brand practice drives business growth by helping clients articulate brand strategy, define audiences and build future-ready brands.

Over the past five years at co:collective, Jamie Hall has played a pivotal role – first by leading strategy, creative and innovation initiatives for clients including Google, the ACLU, LinkedIn and the New York Times. She then became Head of Client Engagement, where she oversaw all client relationships, led the client engagement team and propelled organic growth across the company — contributing to over 30% YoY growth in 2021.

As Managing Director, she will oversee a cross-functional team including business strategists, brand strategists, researchers, and writers, drive modern, industry-leading work, partner with clients at the highest level, and direct co:collective’s growth and success through three lenses: its people, work, and impact.

co:collective is focused on amplifying its thesis that purpose-led businesses are better business, that purposes must be put to work through actions, and that acting generously to solve the world’s most pressing problems is the most profitable action a company can take. To put this into practice, co:collective is committed to spending the next decade helping companies align on audacious goals that leave a net positive impact on people, the planet, and in turn, their profits, and reorient them toward internal and external action that accelerates progress.

“Businesses and brands need to stand for, look and feel, and behave very differently today than they have, and the necessary rate of metabolism for a modern organization is only going to increase. Our work in the Business + Brand practice focuses entirely on the transformation necessary to create more resilient companies that act, first and foremost, in service of people and the planet,” says Hall. To deliver on this, the practice focuses on services including research, audience understanding, business strategy, brand strategy, brand architecture, naming and articulation, through a process rooted in co-creation with internal and external audiences. The Business + Brand practice works closely with co:collective’s Organization + Culture practice to align systems and structures that galvanize internal teams around its purpose, and its Experience practice to design and implement iconic actions that bring it to life.

According to co:collective’s CEO, Rosemarie Ryan, Jamie Hall is the ideal person to help guide and lead the company’s long-term endeavors. “2021 was a year of significant growth at co:collective, and Jamie was fundamental to both laying the foundations for that growth in 2020 and then knocking it out of the park in 2021,” she says. “Her smarts, creativity, relentless positivity, and sheer willpower made her the kind of leader that people want to follow and clients love to work with. She has proven that she can grow a team and discipline, and as we expand our offering and team, she is the natural choice to lead and grow the Business + Brand practice.”

Hall’s elevated leadership duties mark the culmination of a storied tenure at co:collective — one that began under the most serendipitous yet meaningful of circumstances. “Five years ago, I met and marched beside [co:collective CEO/Co-Founder] Rosemarie Ryan at the Women’s March in DC,” she recalls. “After talking all weekend about the impact we wanted to make amidst a world undergoing massive change, I found myself in co:collective’s office on Monday morning to discuss leading their work with the ACLU. Years later, it’s an honor to continue to walk beside Rose and the rest of this phenomenal team as we help businesses and brands stand for, and do, more.”



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