inspiring Film by Rufus Leonard Hopes to Convince the UK to stay in the EU

by Léa Lepeltier

Rufus Leonard has joined the referendum debate by launching a film that makes an unashamedly positive, emotional case for staying in the European Union.

The film offers an inspiring vision of the EU as a strong, united, forward-looking collection of member states with a common culture, attitude and spirit.

Laurence Parkes, chief strategy officer at Rufus Leonard, said, “We want to convince the people of Britain to remain in Europe. It concerned us deeply that the Brexit campaign seemed to be winning the debate. We wanted to do something to compete with media dominance of the pro-leave agenda.”

Loughborough University research shows that, taking circulation figures into account, the leave campaign has dominated 82% of newspaper commentary.

Rufus Leonard’s film combines shots of familiar European landmarks, including the Louvre and Tower Bridge, with pictures of European citizens dancing, demonstrating, making music, and working everywhere from heavy industry to hospitals.

The message reads, “In Europe, we share a common inheritance. We’re united with no limit to our happiness, our prosperity and our pride. To keep this dream alive there must be an act of faith… We must act consciously. We will make it happen. Your time is now. Thursday 23rd. Are you in?”

Parkes added, “When we spoke to the under 35s in the agency, it was clear that the negative, rational tone of the Remain campaign was not resonating with them. At the same time, a poll by Opinium showed that if just 10% more under 35s go out to vote, it could swing the result in favour of Remain. So we decided to use our skills to create an inspiring brand vision for the EU, concentrating on the positive reasons for our continuing union.”

The emotional film was put together only after the agency had undertaken some rational research. “We, as the directors of the business, looked at all the evidence we could find,” Parkes said, “and decided that it would be in our best interests to stay in the EU. Most economic studies predict a negative effect on economic growth and UK public finances. This will reduce clients’ spending and have a knock-on effect for agency revenues.”

The agency believes that genetically, politically, philosophically and linguistically the UK shares a great deal with its fellow EU member states. The institution may not be perfect, but it is well-placed to help us better face the challenges of the environment, poverty and peace, and was founded on sound principles of respect, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality. 

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