N/A Collective Brings Together Event Marketing Industry to Help Fight COVID-19

Microsite Connects Experiential Marketing Experts to Organizations in Need

N/A Collective, a creative agency meets production house, has issued a call to action for the events industry, both companies and individuals with expertise in this field to use their knowledge and ability for good during the COVID-19 crisis. The experiential community is accustomed to situations where it is important to improvise and to pivot quickly, drawing a parallel to successfully dealing with a crisis such as this.


“As the virus spreads exponentially throughout the United States, there has been a surge in hospital patients. In turn, healthcare centers are in dire need of supplies to ensure the health of patients remains paramount and that the healthcare system doesn’t become overwhelmed,” said Chiara Adin Moore, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at N/A Collective. “There is an entire industry of skilled professionals with untapped knowledge in logistics and event operations who are out of work due to the cancellation of conferences, festivals, trade shows, and we know the entire experiential marketing community will see this as an opportunity to step in to help.”


Partnering with Oztech Media, Josh Ingram and Natalie Sun, N/A Collective created Can Help / Needs Help, a website that connects event industry leaders and individuals who can volunteer their skill sets to those in need. Launching today, the website will be in “intake mode” until Monday, April 6th, allowing time to build a database of volunteers. Once officially launched, the goal is to help hospitals, non-profits, and other humanitarian organizations who may not know exactly what they need to become aware that the event marketing industry is here to help.

The premise is simple. Are you someone who can help or who needs help? If you can help, the site will request your contact and skillset information for the database. If you need help, you can submit requests for assistance in your city or state. N/A Collective matches teams and resources to each request, and then the teams take it offline from there. Putting the right resources in the right hands will help push the fight against COVID-19 in a positive direction. 


About N/A Collective


N/A Collective is a hybrid creative agency meets production house. Equal parts creative, production and technical — N/A combines all three disciplines to create a new breed of agency. N/A Collective's specialty is working with adventurous brands, understanding and supporting their workflow, from strategy to creative through execution. N/A Collective frequently partners with Twitter and has worked with brands including Revlon, Tommy Hilfiger, Casper, SoundCloud, and many more.

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