PABLO DEL CAMPO RETURNS TO THE ARENA With his new venture, Del Campo Global

“Del Campo Global” is the recently launched company of Pablo del Campo

After almost two years of "non-compete" Pablo returns to the arena, with this new venture that unites his two biggest passions: advertising and entertainment. Del Campo Global will be dedicated to the development of sustainable content for brands generating strategies and actions created specifically for a client and also where brands will be able to choose to adhere to a specific project, always based on their business objectives and needs. Contemplating high profile actions capable of becoming relevant and generate impact overnight.

"Our purpose is not to compete with the agencies, our spirit is to add, generate business opportunities that provide an advantage to customers, capitalizing on all these years of experience of my work with major brands, both in Argentina and in the world,” says Pablo del Campo, creator of Del Campo Global.

With headquarters in the Palermo neighborhood –Buenos Aires- and with international projection, Del Campo Global is accompanied by director Javier Vázquez and solid multidisciplinary teams with whom Pablo has been working with all these years of his career, conformed according to the requirements of each project.

"I was always convinced that the difference in our profession is to be able to generate ideas that transcend an advertisement, that can impact and take off when going further." Today it is wonderful to come back and have time to think alongside the customer - how to go on this road together. Time to think, a real differential in my career, always with my main focus being to get business opportunities for advertisers," adds Del Campo. 

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