SKYY Vodka Teams With Direct Competitor Absolut in This Brilliant Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Australia’s controversial public opinion vote has both the nation and brands riled up.

by Rani Shah


Australians have until November 7th to vote in a hugely controversial public opinion poll on same-sex marriage.

While taking part in this vote is voluntary and not legally-binding, (meaning it won’t actually change any existing laws around same-sex marriage) the vote comes at a cost of around $158 million to the people of Australia.

The divisive issue has prompted brands in the Australian market to take a stance - so much so that even direct competitors have called a truce.

In a brilliant show of solidarity, SKYY Vodka and Absolut united to voice their support. The campaign, created by Eleven (part of the TBWA\Australia Group), will run through the election. 



Skyy Vodka + Absolut Ad


Previous public polls around the topic of legalizing same-sex marriage have already been conducted in Australia and consistently result in YES - revealing the huge amount of support already present for marriage equality across the country. 

While the vote takes place on November 7th, both SKYY Vodka and Absolut continue to spread their message to social media, 

"Australia, it's time to put our differences aside and embrace diversity. A 'yes' vote for same sex marriage, is a vote for equality. If two rival brands can unite to support equality, so can all of us."



With Facebook comments echoing mostly positive feedback and encouragement, the future looks bright for Australia as well as brand partnerships.




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