The Long Run: How GEICO and The Martin Agency Redefined the Client-Agency Relationship

by James Thompson

There have been few relationships in the advertising industry as renowned and successful as that between The Martin Agency and GEICO. Creative collaborations are notoriously volatile, and the competitive nature of our business strains client-agency relationships to the point they’re considered to have the shelf life of a young Hollywood power couple. Yet, The Martin Agency and GEICO have been together since 1994, when the largely unknown brand challenged the Richmond, Virginia-based agency with the prospect of making a category universally perceived as bland and boring, as being engaging—and perhaps even funny.

The GEICO Caveman and GEICO Gecko helped revolutionize an industry dominated by advertising that leveraged fear and scare tactics in a world under assault by an unrelenting and ill-fated universe. Today, however, no one can say the words “Hump Day” without picturing an amiable camel with a grating sense of humor strolling through a soulless office, or answer a poorly timed call from a concerned mother without thinking of the latest GEICO campaign. The relationship between The Martin Agency and GEICO has given us countless laughs and scores of memorable characters.

To honor all of that memorable creative work and iconic characters in advertising, The Martin Agency selected 20 notable ads that mark just some of the highlights in their highly productive and culturally transformative relationship.

The following 5 ads are just a taste of the full collection. Enjoy. 

GEICO Caveman:

GEICO Piggy:

GEICO Hump Day:

GEICO Gecko:


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