New Years Resolutions for Advertising Industry

We asked people in the industry, "What do you think the advertising industry's New Year’s resolution should be?" Here are their answers.

by Rani Shah


1. "A more realistic representation of women in advertising, please." - Anna Carpen

Creative Partner — 18 Feet & Rising, London

2. "To find genuine opportunities to truly impact culture through communication." - Charlotte Cook

Business Director — adam&eveDDB, London 

3. "We love advertising when it's intelligent, when it teaches us something, when it makes us think. But we love it even more when it does all this while being entertaining and optimistic. We all could use a bit of good vibes." - David Soussan

Creative Director — BETC Shopper, Paris 

4. "Ads are an emotional journey not a logical one. Let's stop trying to explain things and focus on trying to feel things." - James Gebler

Head Writer for Global Accounts  — CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt  

5. "Let's rid of all work of boring, dated & harmful stereotypes. We call ourselves creatives, so surely we can all come up with more authentic, empowering and diverse stories to tell!" - Marie Ronn

Creative Director — R/GA, Boulogne Billancourt 

6. "Go true or go home. And tell something new." - Matthias Harbeck 

Executive Creative Director — Serviceplan Group, Hamburg

7. "Keep it simple." - Neel Williams

Creative Director — The Martin Agency, Richmond 

8. "Think more, spend less." - Nik Studzinski 

Chief Creative Officer — Karmarama, London  

9. "To encourage brands to behave well, practice inclusivity and take a moral lead when others are failing." - Tom Patterson

Strategist — BBH London, London


10. "Create more content people joy and seek out. Less pushing products and more pulling people in." - Tim Wettstein

Executive Creative Director — Team One, Los Angeles