Remaking What It Means To Be American: A Super Bowl Prediction

The Super Bowl is this country’s true State of the Union.

by Jake Wheeler , the community












The Super Bowl is this country’s true State of the Union. It’s the most accurate reflection of both our national consciousness and conscience in any given year. Which is why it’s always a mix of things - humor, shock, patriotism, values, endearment - and where things fall on the balance is a great barometer of what’s on our minds and in our hearts.

When times are tough, Super Bowl spots often seek to reaffirm our national values and our American journey. When times are good, we show that no one can do big like Americans can.

In 2016, we’re a long way from the dark days of the ‘Great Recession,’ and I would say the mood is lighter than it’s been in years. And an interesting thing happened during the recession rebound that doesn’t get enough attention: in the aftermath of a crisis brought on by greed, we started remaking what it means to be American. From renewed artisanship, a fitness revolution, and a greater connection to our planet and what we eat, to meaningful conversations about ‘real beauty’ and what it means to be “like a girl”, our national identity has evolved in ways that few of us would have guessed. And because this sentiment, it’s even possible that a self-described socialist could be a viable contender to be President of the United States.











All of this tells me that fundamentally, at a very deep level, we’re starting to remake ourselves. Perhaps we are becoming a nicer country, a more thoughtful, responsible and generous country. Sure, it comes in fits and starts, and it’s not everyone, but that’s where the young people are, and where those crazy kids go – the advertisers follow.

So what can we expect from this year’s Super Bowl spots? We’ll see themes that are funny, inclusive and uplifting. 

Jake Wheeler, Executive Creative Director the community















Jake Wheeler is Executive Creative Director at the community, a progressive, cross-cultural agency known for developing culturally-driven ideas for visionary brands through a unique combination of creative excellence, cultural sensibility and technology. The agency’s clients include Google, Verizon, BMW, Kroger, Time Warner Cable, Apple, Converse, Corona Extra, Modelo Especial, Office Depot and much more. Before joining the community, Wheeler was at Grey New York where he led the Volvo North America business as Executive Creative Director. Prior to Grey, he served as Creative Director at SapientNitro splitting his time between Miami and Shanghai. During his tenure at SapientNitro, he led key projects for Ferrari and ran the U.S. digital business for FIAT Chrysler. Wheeler also oversaw key projects for Bacardi, Tag Heuer, and Microsoft in China.