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Founded in: 1978

Employees: 50

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66-72, rue Marceau Cedex
Montreuil 93558
Phone: (+33) 01 41 58 44 50

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Teleperformance Études Marketing

66-72, rue Marceau Cedex
Montreuil 93558
Phone: (+33) 01 41 58 44 50

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About Teleperformance Études Marketing

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English, French
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Our vocation: to give sense, to help the decision-maker. In more and more difficult marketing cycles where the quickness is essential, our vocation, beyond producing a reliable and respectful reflect of consumers, clients and markets, is to help you to take risks through a marketing added-value: statistics, charts, analysis, to enhance and to tell a marketing story that ends by helping to take operational decision. The concept of Client Value® Management which is implemented by Teleperformance in its client relation program is based on our Researches expertise :
- to segment, identify, evaluate the market potentials,
- to position and optimize the offers in order to conquer them,
- to evaluate the satisfaction, to model the link to the customer-loyalty,
- to grow the client value and thus in a concurrential context.

Beyond this personalized accompaniment and thanks to our position of monitoring concerning the consumers attitudes and behaviours, we also can light you and have a dialogue about the trends and the evolutions of our society which structures the consumption mode, for instance the new Time Marketing...
To light, make clear, go with you, that is our "raison d'être".

* Services for the Management of the Client Value®:

To know its market
- Clients profils, Usages & Attitudes,
- Value-based Segmentation

To optimise its offers
- TeleTradeOff (trade Off on phone: the best offers-targets couples, optimisation of the price, the best promotion offer...),
- Testing of offers,
- Methodologies Pricing
- Image Notoriety, pre and post communication tests...

To manage its client relation
Statisfaction Impact Studies
- Strategic: Quality and Impact Loyalty indicators (relation between satisfaction and loyalty development)
- Managerial/Operational: Performance indicators to animate a network, optimise a development loyalty program.

Long distance relationship:
- Mystery Shopping Campaigns

Studies on events (client life cycle)
- New entrants, retention, post-mortem

In-house communication and human resources
- In-house climate impact sutudies (self-administrated solution and CAWI).

Datamining: The online marketing studies create new investigation perspectives, new knowledge territories for the companies.
Network Description
Implementation in 24 countries, with 37 agencies in Europe, 9 in the Americas, 4 in Asia & Middle-East and 1 in Oceania
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