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Rua Amália De Noronha, 520 Casa
São Paulo São Paulo 05410-010
Phone: (+55) 38726091

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Core Competencies: Digital, Shopper Marketing/Point of Sale/Sales promotion, Media Buying/Planning, Packaging/Design

Founded in: 1993

Employees: 16

Awards: 1

Clients: 6


Rua Amália De Noronha, 520 Casa
São Paulo São Paulo 05410-010
Phone: (+55) 38726091

Rudolfo Cobra

creative director

Phone: (+55) 3872 6091

Carlos Eduardo dos Santos

Director of Account Services

Phone: (+55) 3872 6091

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Everyone has a story. Add VERSA COMUNICAÇÃO INTEGRADA Ltda’s here! Edit


There are so many to choose from: Français? Español? What does VERSA COMUNICAÇÃO INTEGRADA Ltda prefer? Edit
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
At times, the business of creation may seem like just another trade, one which practice renders easily achievable and, given the proper method, can be performed without much effort or suffering. Fortunately for us, that’s not quite the way things work out. We see each new assignment as a challenge that demands we plan an original course of action to tackle difficulties and to find innovative solutions. Starting with resolute service, accurate dispatch, and unique artwork to painstakingly craft a final product, we create. The process is both baffling and revealing. It addresses communication issues. It entices and delights. It seems magical because it arises from nothing; it seems practical because it results from much study. It moves and it promotes. Should anyone ask, Versa creates.
Network Description
The company is perhaps independent. If not, it can be edited here Edit
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