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200 Varick Street 12th Floor
New York New York 10014
United States
Phone: (+1) 212 805-7500

Basic Info

Founded in: 1993

Employees: 221

Awards: 79

Clients: 10


200 Varick Street 12th Floor
New York New York 10014
United States
Phone: (+1) 212 805-7500
Tara Nolan

Tara Nolan

Douglas Atkin

Partner / Director of Strategic Planning

Phone: (+1) 212 366 3500

Mathilde Benington

Executive Media Director

Phone: (+1) 212 366 3500

Pamela Buchwald

New Business Manager

Phone: (+1) 212 366 3500

Parry Merkley

Chairman Emeritus

Phone: (+1) 212 366 3500

Randy Saitta

Partner / Executive Creative Director

About Merkley+Partners

Merkley+Partners is a full-service marketing and advertising agency providing strategic direction to clients and creating print, broadcast, digital, social, viral, brand identity and CRM programs.

We are an agency that excels at driving a core brand message throughout a brand’s entire consideration and purchase process. We have a proven strategic process that identifies a brand’s Governing Brand Idea (GBI), which is its core strategic focus. We then deploy the creative articulation of that GBI across all brand and retail touchpoints. We have successfully done this in categories as diverse as automotive, CPG, retail food, healthcare and cause-related.


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

M+P believes that the only constant is change. We hold the position that brands, too, are always in motion across this wild and sometimes seemingly unpredictable spectrum of change. But we pride ourselves on being experts at navigating these moments of highs and lows, future-proofing businesses and brands against what may be perceived to be unpredictable. In other words: We help brands navigate change to keep them ahead of the curve.

Our own business model is a testament to our thinking about how agency models should operate in order to best serve clients. As an agency that hasn’t unbundled media from creative since 1993, we were the first to be founded on an equal partnership of account, creative and planning — three crucial disciplines that allow an agency to operate as efficiently as possible. When agencies broke apart media and creative to benefit their bottom lines, we opted not to. Because we recognize that certain core disciplines must work in an integrated fashion in order to benefit the brand holistically. And while we’ve evolved our model to include additional disciplines that have proven to be long-lasting (e.g., digital and social media), we’ve kept our core capabilities intact to allow for effective communications and creativity to thrive. 

Network Description

A wholly owned subsidiary of Omnicom, Inc 

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