Long Island City, United States

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23-23 33rd Rd.
Long Island City New York 11106
United States
Phone: (+1) 718.545.0075

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Core Competencies: Digital, Web Design, Branded Content/Entertainment, Market Research/Consulting, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Design

Founded in: 1998

Employees: 25


23-23 33rd Rd.
Long Island City New York 11106
United States
Phone: (+1) 718.545.0075

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About the Agency MSLK

Marc S Levitt and Sheri L Koetting began their careers at some of NYC‘s most prestigious design agencies. MSLK was founded in 1998 when Marc and Sheri decided to stop competing against each other and start working together. MSLK is the overlapping of their talents, as well as their initials. 

MSLK works with beauty brands of all shapes and sizes. Over the past two decades we have helped brands grow from the ground up, launch line extensions, rediscover their voice in a crowded market, and create entirely new product categories.

We are brand archaeologists. We uncover the key tenants of your brand, polishing those stories so they rise to the surface and become clear for consumers to see. Our strategic process and consumer insights turn the often subjective creative process into an objective one. The results have been award-winning, attention-getting, and revenue-generating for our clients. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

At MSLK, we are on a mission to build sustainable brands – in every sense of the word. While the natural and organic beauty market is predicted to double in the next eight years, we’re committed to ensuring that what you put in your homes and on your shelves is as clean as what you put on your body.
Our commitment to sustainability has been part of our ethos for over a decade, and while economic and market trends have inhibited many small brands from being able to fully “go green", we haven’t let that stop us from diminishing our own impact on the environment.

Because our expertise is in education through the visual arts. I have led my studio in the creation of several eco-art installations, known as Urban Interventions. These installations have help raised awareness of the downsides of single-use “disposable” plastics such as plastic shopping bags, water bottles, and takeout containers. These projects have reached over one million people in over 63 countries.
Our quest to lead with sustainability begins with our business cards, which are printed on repurposed waste from past projects. This is a great conversation starter with every prospect we meet. 

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