London, United Kingdom

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7 Milford Place The Brass Foundry
London W1T 5BG
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7874 6550

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Basic Info

Core Competencies: Digital, Direct/Tele/Database Marketing/CRM

Founded in: 1999

Employees: 40

Awards: 1

Clients: 16


7 Milford Place The Brass Foundry
London W1T 5BG
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7874 6550

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About the Agency Farm

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Farm's planning approach is called Fresh Thinking, and it is proven to produce highly effective communications campaigns for our clients' brands.
Farm defines 'highly effective' as having a massive impact with the target audience that stimulates them into buying the product.
Fresh Thinking is a structured creative development tool that facilitates a team comprising client, creative, planning and account handling to explore the boundaries of where communications can go via open debate and creative stimulus.
In practise, Fresh Thinking discovers new ways of presenting an existing message or finds new messages. It results in the client/agency team developing an idea big enough for the brief together and more quickly.
Whether the brief is as strategic as a company strategy or as tactical as a retail promotion, Fresh Thinking knits clients and creatives closely together. And it delivers business results.
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