Data is a dog’s best friend

Thanks to creative use of data, this new pet food brand ensures “every dog has its ad”.

In New York, more than 100,000 dogs are registered by name on the city’s dog license database. This fact sparked an initiative by challenger dog food brand Puppo and the agency Colenso BBDO. Puppo’s USP is that it creates personalised dog food based on canine health issues. So what came next was logical: after extracting individual dogs’ names, breeds and locations from the database, the agency used an algorithm and a modular copy and art direction system to generate a unique ad for each and every dog in NYC. So owners strolling past targeted local outdoor placements or checking their laptops saw ads addressed directly to their dogs, with the relevant health benefits a Puppo portion could provide. A QR code led to the site. Visits to the site soared, showing what can happen if you stray from the usual path to target our furry friends.