The bank that puts a lock on surprises

Sberbank, one of Russia’s oldest banks, has solved an unromantic consequence of retargeting.

Imagine you’ve been using the computer you share with your partner to search for a romantic gift for That Special Day. Of course, once you’ve e-shopped the perfect present for your loved one you carefully delete your search history. After all, you don’t want to spoil the surprise.
Except, of course, retargeting means that as soon as your partner accesses the computer, the screen fills with ads for jewelry, fragrances, watches or whatever gift you’ve been searching for. Oops.
But now Russia’s Sberbank has a solution: Surprise Keeper. As its padlock-with-ribbon logo suggests, the browser extension allows you to pick the subject of your choice and replace all the ads for obvious gifts with ones for…socks…or vacuum cleaners.
We’ll leave you to deal with what happens if your partner thinks you’re buying them a home appliance for their birthday. 

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Leo Burnett Group Russia and McDonalds presents “The Biggest Family Portrait ”

Leo Burnett Moscow, TNC.Brands. Ads and McDonalds, which is an official partner of Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, have developed a new advertising campaign “We are one big family. We all make the games”. During the campaign there will be used such media channels as TV, OOH, internet an d retail.
Moscow the 5th of February – During the Olympics we become one big family. It doesn’t matter who we are – athletes, fans, voluntary staff or McDonalds employees– we all make the games. This is the main idea of McDonalds advertisingcampaign– the official Restaurant of Winter Olympic Games 2014, created by Leo Burnett Moscow together with Leo Burnett Chicago.
In order to show you how many we are, the creators decided to make “The biggest Family Portrait in the world”. They invite everyone who is supporting our National Team in forthcoming games to become part of this photo and this family.
In the airport of Sochi was placed giant wall, 150m long, consisted of many photos of different persons. About 1000 of people became part of this family. Some of them were pictured in McDonalds Restaurants, others had downloaded their own photos on the web-site: till the 8th of January. Anyone can join the biggest photo installation by downloading their own pictures on the web-site of the Restaurant and become a part of The Biggest Family Portrait. The posting of pictures will be possible till the beginning of Paralympic Games. Over 10 thousand people have already taken part in the project.
On the 1st of February, within the advertising campaign, a 30 seconds video has been released on federal channels. A popular music-track “Hello” made by Martin Solveig and performed by the leading singer of «Dragonette» band, Martina Sorbara is used in the video.
The idea “We are one big family. We all make the games” can be seen in the Olympic design of McDonalds Restaurants in the form of original pictogram fans, invented by TNC.Brands.Ads. This design was used to decorate 400 regular and 22 main McDonalds Restaurants, 5 of which are situated in Sochi.