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Holstenstraße 9
Hamburg 22767
Phone: (+49) (0)40 31 16 99 0

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Employees: 18

Awards: 115

Creative Work: 27

Cobblestone Filmproduktion GmbH

Holstenstraße 9
Hamburg 22767
Phone: (+49) (0)40 31 16 99 0

Pieter Lony

Phone: (+49) 40 31 16 99 0

Julia Sommer

Office Management

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About Cobblestone Filmproduktion GmbH

Executive Producer Pieter Lony founded Cobblestone in 1992. Philipp Schmalriede and Juri Wiesner have joined him in the management in 2011. The two offices in Hamburg and Berlin produce about 30-40 spots a year, not only TV commercials but also exhibition- and image films, music videos, short- and feature-length films as well as online content of every kind. For years Cobblestone havs been listed under the top 10 of Germany’s most creative production companies.
For over ten years now, Cobblestone has a close relationship to the Swedish production company Social Club, and since the beginning of 2014, Cobblestone also represents the directors of Station Film from LA and New York exclusively in Germany and Switzerland. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages


Sebastian Strasser, Markus Walter, Anthony Waller, Ron Eichhorn, Chrudimak & Friedel (rad-ish) are five examples for how unknown talents can be build up to well-known international directors. We will keep seeking for fresh talents, support them and provide them with good scripts. 


We build up a strong and personal relationship with our directors in order to accomplish a creative setting for high quality films. 


Budgeting is not the only task of a production company. Even more important is to plan and implement the project in a creative way with the available budget. Each film has its own requirements, and besides selecting the right director, also the assembling of the whole crew (from the DoP, art director, stylist to the editor) is crucial for the project’s final outcome. 


Four Avid-, three Nuke-, two Final Cut- and one Smoke workstation form the framework of our in-house postproduction. The possibility of accompanying a project from pre- to post-production not only ensures full control, but also keeps the expenses within the limits. 


Germany, especially Berlin, has established itself as a top address for international film productions. Our Berlin office already service-produced for Sony/UK, Nokia/Finland, McDonald’s/UK, Amazon/US, Vodafone/UK, Nike/Netherlands and Blackberry/UK, among others. 

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