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56 Victoria St McMahons Point
Sydney 2060
Phone: (+61) 2 9965 4700

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Awards: 131

Song Zu

56 Victoria St McMahons Point
Sydney 2060
Phone: (+61) 2 9965 4700

About Song Zu

Song Zu is an audio design company exploring the limitless world of sound. We have worked extensively in all facets of media including advertising, television, radio, album production, and film, even installations. We provide the full audio service, tackling everything from music composition and production to voiceovers and sound design.

Our in house team of composers are specialists in their favoured genre, be it jazz, blues, rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, orchestral or film scores. Collaborating closely with our sound designers we create the complete soundtrack.

With top of the line studios in Sydney and Singapore we have developed a broad international client base and been recognised with a multitude of audio design awards including Gold Clios, New York Festivals, London Internationals, AWARD Awards, Promaxes, Asian Television Awards, Sirens and Australian Guild of Screen Composer Awards.

In 2012 we received the prestigious Australian Creative Magazine Hotshop Award for Music and Sound and in 2013 we were awarded the Music and Sound Design Company of the Year at the London International Awards.



Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We're real musicians that live and breathe music. We play in bands. We produce bands. We write albums. We produce film scores. We conduct orchestras. And that's just in our spare time. When we're at work we connect the real music world to the commercial world. We bring originality and creativity to every task, be it sweeping film scores or ads for washing powder. But above all, we bring integrity. Because we believe in the power of music and sound to take you to places where pictures can't. 

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