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Paris Veuillez choisir 75011
Phone: (+33) (0)1 44 40 44 50

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Cake Films

Paris Veuillez choisir 75011
Phone: (+33) (0)1 44 40 44 50

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About Cake Films


Today, more than ever, brands must be nimble, quick-footed and original in their advertising efforts. Viewers have become educated and quickly discriminate against manipulative, mindless and contrived advertisements (unlike past decades when good old-fashion ubiquity did the trick). We must make ads people WANT to watch and share with their peers. This is a HUGE advantage for advertisers and brands, alike. Social media is the modern form of 'word of mouth' advertising and never before have brands had the opportunity to control and contribute so directly to the consumer their brand's identity and direction. Our job at CAKE is to work hand-in-hand with brands to create lasting and relevant content that will engage, educate, and entertain viewers while simultaneously providing a brand's message. 


English, French
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