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Graphic design is a skill and practice that uses visual elements to communicate ideas or convey messages. Gaining some insight into what graphic designers do will help make working with these strange creatures less nerve-wracking. As a graphic designer that got her career started when Adobe first came out with products like Photoshop and Illustrator in the 90s and now being in Silicon Valley during COVID-19 while the tech industry is restructuring its work culture, it can be overwhelming. There is also a certain aspect of social responsibility that creators should adhere to.

Graphic designers use their talent as an art from to problem solving through the use of images, typography, and styles. The main types of graphic design are visual identity, marketing and advertising, publication, packaging, user interface, 3D and motion graphics, environmental design, and illustration.

Your visual brand is one of the most important aspects of your identity. It’s how people perceive you. People identify brands by the styles, colors, advertising copy, and logo associated with different business entities. Your brand is how people perceive you. Branding is the process and actions you take to create a specific image of your company. Visual brand identity is all of the elements combined to create your image.

Businesses depend on graphic design to visually communicate their messages and/or product and service offerings. Good graphic design sets the tone and foundation a company’s visual brand and storytelling. The difference between graphic design and advertising design is advertising design is a hybrid of design and marketing. Advertising design is the art of problem solving, engaging, and persuading users to take action while maintaining your company’s brand image.

Publication design is the art of laying out multipage documents in a printed medium. Printing and publishing ranges from journals, newsletters and magazines to books, product catalogs and annual reports. Publication graphic design requires technical knowledge of design software, intelligent design, typography, printing and binding. E-books and other forms electronic publishing and self-publishing have become more popular – slowly replacing printed publications because of the ease of use, wide distribution, and cost effectiveness.

The design of your product packaging is just as important as the product itself. In my experience, many companies spend more on developing the product packaging than the actual product. The goal of packaging design is to attract a buyer’s attention and ultimately make a sale while sitting on the shelf with thousands of other products. To meet marketing objectives, packaging design’s job is to portray the product’s personality and communicate to a consumer the benefits and value of the contents inside and make a purchase.

Packaging design is not just the graphics, it’s the exterior of a product and includes form, structure, materials, imagery, typography, and regulatory information wrapped on a physical container.

Web design is the process of planning conceptualizing, and arranging content for consumption on the internet. The difference between web design and web development is web design focuses on user experience rather than backend software development. Web design involves more technical skill than UI or user interface designers. UI designers focus more on the look, feel and design of the visual presentation rather than the technical aspects. Web designers require in-depth technical knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

3D Modeling is an art form and process of using mathematical equations to make graphics come to life in three dimensions – height, width, and depth. It’s also an area of design that I wish I had further developed, but I’m not retired just yet. 3D graphics are used for 3D printing, prototyping, movies, engineering, medicine, manufacturing, industrial design, architecture, video games, animation, science, technology, real estate, interior design, advertising, marketing, and more. Virtual environments can be a cost effective solution by creating digital prototypes before physical production.

Motion graphics is the ability to animate pieces of graphics, video, text, visual effects, and sounds to create dynamic multimedia projects. Motion graphics are used to create artwork for television, film, and the web. Motion graphics are commonly used by businesses and organizations to create engaging experiences through animated graphic design.


Sage Design Group | Creative Solutions to Grow Your Business™

Types and Styles of Graphic Design by Annette C. Sage
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