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135 Bishopsgate
London EC2M 3TP
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7837 3737

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Core Competencies: Full Service, Marketing/Creative Services, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Strategy and Planning

Founded in: 1927

Parent Company:


Holding: IPG Group (New York, United States)

Employees: 150

Awards: 642

Creative Work: 72

Clients: 37

McCann London

135 Bishopsgate
London EC2M 3TP
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7837 3737
Harris Diamond

Harris Diamond

Pip Shepherd

Pip Shepherd

New Business Director

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7837 3737

About McCann London

A hundred years ago HK McCann set out to build something. He started with a point of view and a creative department and one client; a start up called Standard Oil. They did a good job building that brand, and they built another one called General Motors. And one called Coca Cola and Microsoft. In fact out of the hundred most lasting brands of the last century, more of them were crafted at McCann than any other agency.

Why? Because we build to last. We don’t build fads or gimics or trophy shelves, we build brands. We give them a meaning and a purpose in the World and a long term vision. We take a truth and we tell it well. The proof is in the pudding; take a moment and look towards the work, and most importantly the results we have delivered for likes of London 2012, L'Oréal, Shreddies, Subway, MasterCard and Xbox to name a few.

What’s our secret? At the heart of every idea is a truth, not a fact, not a stat, a human truth that is timeless and enduring. A truth that gives meaning to a brand and how it connects with its customers, a truth that spurns timely tactics, campaign and stories, forever flexible, always connected. After all, we live in a disposable society, where products and marketing ideas come and go with amazing speed. In the world of stunts and tactics and projects and buzz words, we believe that building lasting brands with a lasting purpose is more important than it’s ever been.

McCann London - Truth Well Told. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
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Network Description

The McCann Worldgroup Advertising network is the most extensive in the world, providing better coverage of all continents, with more wholly owned agencies, giving greater control. Significantly more of our agencies are ranked in the local top 3 than any other network (as measured by AdAge magazine). This ensures clients have a consistently high standards all over the world. Our International clients are handled in the manner that best suits their business needs. We are represented in most major cities, not just in capitals, giving us the flexibility to forge close relationships on a local level and/or co-ordinate business through choosen regional hubs.
McCann WorldGroup has 54 agencies in Europe, 48 in the Americas, 37 in Africa, 13 in Middle East and 28 in Oceania

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