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AdForum EURO Summit

by Hervé de Clerck

The AdForum Worldwide Summit gathers leading agency search and advertising management consultants to meet with the CEOs from major agency networks. It is a unique opportunity for Agency CEOs to share their vision with the world " new business movers ".

These meetings are mixed with discussions and panels on themes relevant to the current issues of the industry.

Theme of the Summit:

Agencies, what is the model for the future?

The current agency model may not fully satisfy client needs, to say the least. Agencies have the great challenge on their plate to build a new agency model that altogether answers the needs of the advertiser, the emergence of new media and the changing habits of the consumer.

Recent research done in the UK shows that only 4% of clients think that the multinational agencies deliver better all round performance than local agencies? This a tremendous challenge for the global agencies. Their image lags behind their performance. They do good ads. They win Awards and Effies. They also have huge resources. But how do they merchandise all this? Do the clients feel and appreciate these potential benefits?

The program consists of meetings with agency CEOs (Holding, Network, Independent, Media), panels of Advertisers who share their views about how their needs are/should be answered and reports from consultants of local surveys about agency performance.