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10 May 2018

"Sometimes they need to know who’s boss so everyone eats their vegetables and no one gets their eye poked out." read more

Perspectives 12 April 2018

"I hope to inspire the next generation by being fearless, by equipping them with the tools to be the best in their trade, by creating an... read more

Exclusive Perspectives 23 March 2018

"Role models in higher-up agency positions should do their best to be visible and engaging to millennials and Gen-Zers." read more

Exclusive Perspectives 20 March 2018

"This shouldn’t turn into ‘women versus men’ – only by working together can we create more opportunities for women" read more

Exclusive Perspectives 20 March 2018

"As a working woman with a family, I feel that more respect and support of a woman's role in her family would help a lot" read more

Exclusive Perspectives 28 February 2018

"The advertising industry is still not even close to being representative of the diversity of the country." read more

Exclusive Perspectives 14 February 2018

The issue of diversity in our industry is about truly embracing the differences that others bring to the table. read more

Exclusive Point of View 31 October 2017

"Consumers are more discerning about the media they consume, the content they share and the experiences they spend their time going to." read more