The Most Creative Campaigns & Agencies in Automotive

Gender politics made a welcome appearance in automobile ads, alongside underdogs, daredevils, clowns and cute kids.

It was the year that women got to drive in Saudi Arabia, and Nissan – with its agency TBWA/RAAD – responded with the splendid #SheDrives campaign. Quite a year for this duo, which also created a new way of measuring vehicle performance in the desert: CamelPower, naturally. At the top of the ranking, however, was the iconic MINI brand and a dramatic film about how pluck and engineering justified “The faith of a few”. Volkswagen and Volvo both steered away from speed to weigh in on how technology protects children. Audi and BBH used clowns to make a similar point. And by the way, the prize for “best car ad without a car” goes to Audi Quattro for its jaw-dropping “Ski The World” film.

Most awarded campaigns in Automotive in 2018

Title Brand Agency, City
1.  The faith of a few MINI Jung von Matt / Spree, Berlin
2.  Clowns Audi Technology BBH, London
3.  #SheDrives Nissan TBWA\RAAD, Jeddah
4.  Candide Thovex: Ski The World Audi Quattro 2
5.  CamelPower Nissan Automotive TBWA\RAAD, Dubai
6.  Kids Dreams Volkswagen Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
7.  Moments (180s) Volvo XC60 Forsman & Bodenfors, Göteborg
8.  Pay With The Views Opel J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
9.  The Universal Language of Pain Mercedes-Benz Sprinter / Thai Health Authority BBDO Bangkok
10.  Chatty School Bus Hyundai Innocean Worldwide Seoul
11.  Stalker Volkswagen Golf 7 Ogilvy South Africa, Cape Town
12.  Recruiting car Volvo S90 FamousGrey, Groot-Bijgaarden
13.  Honda 'Dream Makers' Honda Wieden+Kennedy, London
14.  Nissan's follow the ball Nissan Lew'Lara\TBWA, São Paulo
15.  Transformation of a Landmark BMW Jung von Matt / Spree, Berlin

1 — MINI - The faith of a few


AGENCY: Jung von Matt / Spree

MEDIA: Web Film

2 — Audi Technology - Clowns

BRAND: Audi Technology


MEDIA: Television

3 — Nissan - #SheDrives

BRAND: Nissan


MEDIA: Television & Cinema

4 — Audi Quattro 2 - Candide Thovex: Ski The World

BRAND: Audi Quattro 2

MEDIA: Branded Content

5 — Nissan Automotive - CamelPower

BRAND: Nissan Automotive


MEDIA: Digital

6 — Volkswagen - Kids Dreams

BRAND: Volkswagen

AGENCY: Grabarz & Partner

MEDIA: Web Film

7 — Volvo XC60 - Moments (180s)

BRAND: Volvo XC60

AGENCY: Forsman & Bodenfors

MEDIA: Television & Cinema

8 — Opel - Pay With The Views


AGENCY: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

MEDIA: Television & Cinema

9 — Mercedes-Benz Sprinter / Thai Health Authority - The Universal Language of Pain

BRAND: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter / Thai Health Authority


MEDIA: Web Film

10 — Hyundai - Chatty School Bus

BRAND: Hyundai

AGENCY: Innocean Worldwide Seoul

MEDIA: Web Film

11 — Volkswagen Golf 7 - Stalker

BRAND: Volkswagen Golf 7

MEDIA: Radio

12 — Volvo S90 - Recruiting car

BRAND: Volvo S90

AGENCY: FamousGrey

MEDIA: Digital

13 — Honda - Honda 'Dream Makers'

BRAND: Honda

AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy

MEDIA: Web Film

14 — Nissan - Nissan's follow the ball

BRAND: Nissan


MEDIA: Digital Installation

15 — BMW - Transformation of a Landmark


AGENCY: Jung von Matt / Spree

MEDIA: Case Study